4C meeting in Sequim reveals true thoughts of several candidates

Commentary by Marv Chastaina


Sequim, WA - Steve Tharinger did himself no good at last night's (8/23/2010) FourC forum held at the Boys and Girls Club in Sequim. After belittling "Freedom" and various other terms being used by other participants, he made a snide remark about Jim McEntire's receipt of government medical care (a benefit of his Coast Guard retirement). In his typical Scotch economy of words, Jim replied: "I earned it". Of course, Idealogue Tharinger does not quite make the distinction between what someone earns or pays for and a government freebee.

The gloves were off a bit when the candidates who have survived the primary went at it. When a question was asked about candidates' campaign contributions from out of the district, Dan Gase confessed that some of his tiny bit came from his mother-in-law in Issaquah. That got a laugh. When it was revealed that Kevin Van de Wege got more than 50% of his from out of district, he simply ignored it. I believe his extensive union backing accounts for it. Kevin told us he was an NRA member and was pro-gun.

That surprised me, so I collared him after the meeting and asked for some help on getting the DNR to transfer the Sadie Creek property back to the county so that we could proceed with work to build a shooting park. Tharinger joined our conversation. Kevin said he would. The Land Commissioner has been stalling on this month by month for 18 months, now. He claims there must be a "public hearing" on it before he can do it, although no such requirement is in the statute. Currently, they have a hearing scheduled for September 23rd. But, it seems to be a strange kind of hearing - one with no public contribution - - just a meeting between DNR and the county commissioners. But, since they have scheduled the Vern Burton rather than the commisioner's room at the court house, they seem to expect a big crowd. ??????????

John Miller (DCD director) confirmed that he knows little about building by the remark that he wanted to see no disturbance of soil in construction other than that directly under the house. He failed to explain how this would be possible - - or why.

Dick and Pat and the other 4C volunteers have done an extremely valuable service in putting these meetings together and running them. They deserve a big hand.