Senate CLEAR Act Update

Liberty Matters | Aug 5, 2010

On August 3, 2010 Liberty Matters alerted Americans about Senator Reid’s attempt to amend the Land and Water Conservation Fund language passed as H.R. 3534 from the House, into his S. 3663, known as the “Oil Spill” bill.  The House passed language is similar to the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA) that was defeated nearly 10 years ago.  Although reports are out that Reid won’t be bringing the bill up prior to Congress recessing on August 6th, he still has the chance to slip the bill in at any time.  If it is not brought up this week, then you can expect a full court press on the bill when they return.

The House bill known as the “CLEAR” Act appropriates $900,000,000 annually for 30 years for land acquisition off-budget, meaning Congress will never be able to stop this appropriation.  It also allows condemnation of private property using the $900 million. (Read Fred Kelly Grant’s analysis of this bill to learn more about the devastating provisions to private property rights.)

We must keep the pressure on the Senate to oppose the Land and Water Conservation provisions of this bill.  Next week the Senate is in recess.  Senator’s will be home campaigning.  This is a prime time to visit with your Senator face-to-face and make clear that the people do not want this provision passed.  Call, visit or email them at their home office or meet them on their campaign stops and tell them to vote no on the Land and Water Conservation Fund language.

Call or Email your Senators

There is a pending vote in the United States Senate on the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act, which can change the face of America and the form of our government forever. 

Landowners’ right to own and use their private property is endangered by this bill.

The House of Representatives has passed HR 3534, the Consolidated Land, Energy, and Aquatic Resources Act of 2010 (CLEAR Act).  In order to accomplish the biggest land grab in our History, Congress joined together vital energy reforms, funding relief for victims of the Gulf disaster, and lifting the cap on damages from oil spills with some of the most devastating provisions eroding private property in America that we have ever faced.  This bill:

1. Expands the ESA

  • Authorizes the protection now afforded to endangered species to both native and non-native species.
  • Requires analysis of all activities on Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management Land as to whether it will harm any species.

2. Appropriates $900 Million a year for Land Acquisition Off-Budget for 40 Years!
  • Congress will never again be able to vote on whether or not they want to appropriate $900 Million a year to buy up private property in America.

3.  Provides for Condemnation of Private Property
  • There is no protection against condemnation of your land in this bill.  If the government wants your property, they can simply take it.