Clallam County's Little Immigration Secret

Guest Editorial by
Bob McGonigel

August 15, 2010

Clallam County, WA - There is a growing crisis in Clallam County, a dirty little secret that no one is talking about. It is the invasion of Clallam County by DERELICTS (our liberal/progressive elected representatives and the media classify them as homeless). About two years ago Clallam County was the recipient of what I believe was a state grant to help the county deal with an alleged large "homelessness" problem.

You remember for the last two years tor so, the social service employees were in a frenzy trying to conduct a census of the "homeless". (Let me get this straight - the very people who are going to get the money to deal with the problem will have the abiility to define how bad the problem is with no way and no one to check the veracity of their census but themselves - what a sweet deal) Clallam got a million dollars from state and we, the citizens of Clallam County, had to match it with our hard earned money to the tune of a half a million dollars. ($ 1,500,000).

By the way how exactly was that to have been spent and was it spent as directed? Well the problem is that, not having a home might be a concern for these people or some caring, well meaning citizens, but not having a home is not the problem for these folks, but the manifestation of deeper problems.

I worked in law enforcement in many major U.S. cities for over 30 years and came into contact with "homeless" on a continuing basis. In my experience their problems were: alcoholism, drug addiction, mental instability, laziness etc., etc. Rarely did I encounter the few that actually were in this situation due to bad luck, a downturn in the economy, etc. Many "homeless" refuse to even live in housing provided and return to the streets. You can see our new arrivals wandering aimlessly around the streets of Port Angeles and soon to be more noticeable in Sequim, with the knapsacks on their backs and the far away look in their eyes.

The point is I believe a deal was struck for whatever reason (I have my suspicions) between elected officials of this county and state elected officials to give us the money, with the idea in mind that "homeless" people from other venues would be directed to Clallam County for our system to absorb. Many people I know (who are in a positiion to know) have told me that the homeless are being deliberately sent here via one way bus tickets and other methods.

Well if the above is true, some may say so what, glad to help my fellow human beings, if we don't who will, etc. Well I also have compassion, but the appropriation of government funds generally doesn't help people in these type of predicaments but makes the problem worse and builds more bureaucracy to deal with what becomes a worse and never ending problem.

As more of these folks are sent here how will it impact our lifestyle?

The "homeless" will increase the crime rate. We are just beginning to see the rash of burglaries, which are beginning to appear to be committed to a large degree by are newly arrive "homeless". What about sex offenders who will find there way here, how much more at risk will our children be? How about the retirees, will they be able to walk the streets confident that they will not be the victims of crime? We will need to hire many more police officers, probation officers, correctional officers, social workers, build a new jail. That $500,000.00 we kicked in apparently was just the DOWNPAYMENTon what it will permanently COST US. We have already been told that our electric bills will skyrocket and now our real estate taxes. .

The 'homeless" will overwhelm our EMT system, the hospital emergency room, urgent care centers and the number of available hospital beds. Many "homeless" have serous communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, etc. which will complicate medical treatment for us all. Clallam County's hardworking citizens will have to pay more for less care and when OBAMACARE takes full effect in 2014 , the services available now, that will become strained because of the "homeless" will be cut back even more?

If Columbia Professors Cloward and Pliven's liberal/progressive philosophy of overwhelming the govenment systems is their valid tactic, could the "homeless" deal here be a small example of the process?

Well, naysayers to the above points might say that I am just an advocate of NIMBY ( NOT IN MY BACKYARD); REALLY, what about the people in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and other locations, who are deporting their problems here to tax us and tax our systems,. AREN'T THEY GUILTY OF NIMBY AND THEN SOME.?

Critics of the above points may say that it is cruel to deny help to the poor . Well, it is not about helping the poor but about a deal that was struck by politicians that will leave the citizens holding the bag in many ways. This is the way the liberal/progressive politicians operate, hiding behind what seems to be a sincere concern for humanity or the environment while having other motives.

The only wild card in all of this is how long will it take until it gets verifiably bad? Unfortunateley there is no timetable; the financial situation is getting worse for most of us at a rapid rate.

I'd like to know where the investigative media is on all of this. Absent as usual! Why don't they interview the "homeless" and find out exactly where they came from and how they got into these circumstances and let the paying citizens know what's going on? Why can't the county officials let us know the real details about the homeless?


The media will refer to homeless individuals as "TRANSIENT", so that a connection cannot be made by citizens to the fact that they are "HOMELESS". They have done this aleady in articles about a guy arrested in Sequim a few days ago for some home burglaries.


If the above is true we could possibly have the following individuals to thank for this situation: Clallam County Commissioners Tharinger, Doherty and Chapman; State Representatives Van De Wege and many others. What can we do about them ? Well, Doherty is running for re-election for Commissioner from the east end, Van DeWege for re-election as State Rep and Tharinger for the seat on the State Legislature from our district vacated by Lynn Kessler. VOTE THEM OUT!


Oh!, the last paragraph brought something else to my mind. Van De Wege is employed as a full time well paid Fire Lieutenant in Clallam County and also as a State Legislator. IS HE EARNING CREDIT FOR TWO STATE PENSIONS AT THE SAME TIME? JUST HOW DOES THAT WORK? Talking about the POLITICS OF GREED that his party so often banters about. It is my understanding that his wife has a job as a school teacher in Sequim That means during a time when families are having a hard time survivng financially, the VanDeWeges can't be satisfied with two government jobs with pensions for one family - THEY WANT THREE!
Now Tharinger has the County Commissioner's job and wants the State Legislator's post, TWO GOVERNMENT JOBS WITH PENSIONS (?) for one man in these hard financial times. In his case a review of his past Public Disclosure Forms indicates that he is, by Clallam County standards a wealthy man, who has had the state or feds purchase his house at what many believe is a grossly overinflated price based on a year old appraisal and no realtors' fees. In all fairness, in Tharinger's case, the motivation could be the power rather than the money! HOPEFULLY THE CANDIDATES RUNNING AGAINST THEM WILL BRING THESE POINTS TO THE ATTENTION OF THE VOTING PUBLIC.

About the greed, how can it be denied.!

You are welcome to pass these concerns around to your friends.

Thanks for listening to the rants of a very concerned citizen.

God Bless and Help America