Police arrest two people who wounded two teenagers on Maple Valley trail

December 29, 2010

National Examiner.com

King County, WA - Authorities in King County, Washington have arrested two people Tuesday afternoon in connection with a shooting that left two teenagers injured while they were strolling on a trail.

The incident occurred at approximately 1:30pm Tuesday, in close proximity to SE 264th Street and 236th Avenue SE on the Lake Wilderness Trail, near Maple Valley, King County Sheriff's deputies said.

During the incident, an 18-year-old boy and his 16-year-old girlfriend came across a pair of relatively 18-year-old suspects in the location and engaged in some sort of argument. Then, what happened next was that one of the men took out a gun and fired at least one shot, striking both victims.

The young male victim was shot in the shoulder, whereas the girlfriend was scraped in the head. As a matter of fact, according to authorities, the bullet went through the male victim’s shoulder and then struck the female victim in the head. Afterward, the two gunmen fled. The male victim, then, called for help at approximately 1:32pm.

One of the wounded victims had to be flown to a hospital. Their injuries are not life-threatening. Thus, they are expected to recover, according to sources.

Soon after the shooting and after the victims were able to describe their assailants, police located the two suspects blocks away from the crime scene and arrested them. They also located the firearm that was used in the attack and tossed into the woods.

Authorities are not sure if the incident might be gang-affiliated.

At least one of the victims was familiar with one of the shooters, according to authorities.

The names of either the victims or the suspects have not yet been disclosed.