Commentary: Check Public Disclosure Reports to see from where candidates' funding is coming - State legislative contenders receive money from inside and outside the District

July 6, 2010 | 

Comment from Randy Dutton, Montesano, WA

24th Legislative District, WA State - Who would represent the district and who the I-5 corridor? Look at the big money ($800) campaign contributions.

Van De Wege: 10% from INSIDE the district. 17 of 19 are outside the district. The 2 that are inside are both from the JAMESTOWN S'KALLAM TRIBE.

Durgan and Carter aren't accepting cash, so they both deserve 100%.

Dwyer: 0% (0 of 1) were from INSIDE but almost all the others were inside.

Tharinger: 50% INSIDE. 2 of 4 are OUTSIDE, and both from the same Puget Sound Partnership manager. And it must be mentioned that the PSP failed a state audit. The State Auditor's office issued an audit report, nr. 1003598, located at, which identifies numerous PSP contract law violations.

McEntire: There were no big money contributions but the INSIDE district rate is 94%.

Gase: 100% (5 of 5) were INSIDE the district.

We need more and longer debates before and after the primary. Let's diminish the role of the lobbyists in our legislative elections.

Go to the website and see who is buying influence with the candidates. Check on how much money from OUTSIDE the district is being handed to them. Do you want your reps working for you, or for the I-5 corridor?

Tell your newspapers and radio stations to host debates. Get them to be more involved.