Port Opposes Wild Olympics Campaign


June 22, 2010

Port Angeles, WA - On June 14, 2010, the Port of Port Angeles’ Board of Commissioners introduced and unanimously passed a resolution in opposition of the Wild Olympics Campaign.  The Wild Olympics Campaign proposes to expand the boundaries of the Olympic National Park (ONP). 

The Port Commission opposes this campaign because the proposed expansion would add approximately 37,000 acres of productive private and Department of Natural Resources land to the ONP.  The Campaign also would convert 145,000 acres of USDA Forest Service Olympic National Forest to Wilderness Designation and create 200 more miles of Wild and Scenic River Designation.

The Commission is concerned about the loss of productive timberlands and the negative impact on the local economy in Clallam County.   The Port’s Executive Director Jeff Robb said, “I encourage all residents of ClallamCounty to get informed about this campaign and consider the potential impacts to our community and economy.”