You can fight city hall!

by Henry Lamb,
Sovereignty Int'l

Posted 6/17/2010

The folks in Houston County, Minnesota are fighting hard to preserve their private property rights. A local grassroots organization claims that their property rights are being trampled by a comprehensive land use plan that is being implemented selectively by bureaucratic land-use gods with the approval of arrogant elected County officials who refuse to listen to their constituents.

Considerable detail is furnished in this WorldNetDaily Article.  

The group has carefully documented many examples of property rights abuse in the implementation of the county's comprehensive land use plan.  In early April, the group notified county officials of an official notice of intent to sue, setting forth the basis for the suit.  With the notice, the group offered to withdraw the suit if the county would agree to two conditions:

 (1) sign a petition, signed by more than 700 land owners in the county of only 20,000 residents, which recognized private property rights as the basis for any land use plan, and

(2) work with a small committee from the group to remove some of the more obnoxious elements of the county's plan.

County officials ignored the notice.

Earlier this week, they were served with a lawsuit filed in District Court.

Read the complaint here.

This complaint, as well as the process, provides an excellent example for other groups that are fighting the same battles with comprehensive land use plans and arrogant county officials.


This 40-page booklet provides a solid foundation for fighting comprehensive land use plans and the abuse of private property rights.

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