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Letter to the Editor: FourC group a local grassroots organization

from Pat Tenhulzen
(the following was posted in the Sequim Gazette and forwarded to the Citizen Review for posting as well)

The letter is in response to a letter from Mr. McPhee in the Sequim Gazette.

Posted 6/9/2010


I respond to the Letter to the Editor dated  June 2nd by Malcom McPhee.  Mr.
McPhee did not do his homework prior to writing his letter.  His
unsubstantiated allegations are misleading and untruthful.  If he had taken
the opportunity to research, he would know that Concerned Citizens of
Clallam County - FourC is a non-partisan grassroots group of individuals who
are from all walks of  life.  The Democrats and Independents who participate
in our meetings and rallies most certainly would take exception (as do
Republicans) to his claim that FourC "has some responsibility for the
deterioration of our nation."  He gives a lot of status to a group that
began just one year ago with 13 people.  We now represent over 600 local

For Mr. McPhee, and any other like-minded individuals, I would like to share
the mission and beliefs of FourC.  Concerned Citizens of Clallam County is
"dedicated to returning the country to its rightful owners and to restoring
the Constitutional Principles and Freedoms enumerated by our Founding
Fathers.  We believe in fiscal responsibility, strong national defense,
protection of the 2nd amendment, free market solutions to health care,
energy independence, tax reform, legal immigration and State Sovereignty."
Our goals are to educate and inform the local citizenry of current issues
facing our country and introduce to the community candidates - local, state
and federal - for office.  Our meetings are informative, non- prejudicial
and patriotic.   For further information on FourC go to
www.newsocialcontract.com or contact me at fourc.info@yahoo.com 

Pat Tenhulzen