The tide turns: Court finds human welfare should count as much as fish

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Posted 6/4/2010

California - Everyone who favors a sensible, balanced approach to environmental policy has reason to take heart from recent rulings by Fresno-based Federal Judge Oliver Wanger.

Acting on the legal challenges to federal water-pumping restrictions that have crippled farms and communities in the name of protecting salmon and Delta smelt, he insisted that the interests of people, not just species, must be considered in framing Endangered Species Act rules.

On the PLF Liberty Blog, PLF attorney Brandon M. Middleton chides environmental extremists who have criticized the judge’s stand for regulatory balance.

Meanwhile, PLF attorney Damien M. Schiff reviews the judge's recent ruling on the feds’ Delta smelt biological opinion, and how water deliveries might be affected.

Watch Damien Schiff discuss the new developments.



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