Ballot Problems Concern Voters in Clallam County

Commentary by Lois Krafsky-Perry
Citizen Review   

October 27, 2010

Clallam County, WA - Clallam County is one Washington State County, which votes exclusively by mail-in ballots.

Many citizens were not happy when our county switched from voter booth voting, to ballots via mail only. They perceived future ballot and voting problems, although the reasons for this procedure, given at that time was it was less expensive to vote by mail, as opposed to voting booths.

As November 2nd approaches, many local people have not yet received their ballots.  The ballots were mailed a week ago.

According to elected Clallam County Auditor  Patty Rosand, there are 759 “undeliverable” ballots.  She said 158 ballots were temporarily waived, at the post office, on Monday, October 25th.

Several people have been phoning friends and realizing the friend received ballots but the caller has not yet received theirs.

As an elected Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) this has cause me much concern.
When asked what the problem may be for those not receiving their ballots, Rosand told me that many have apparently been returned for lack of correct addresses. The people who have complained to me have long-time same address.  One person had changed addresses and her husband received his new ballot, but she did not.
Rosand said that one college student had accidentally filled out papers to show her family was at her college address, so each family member had not received their ballot, at their own address.

The fact that many advertisements and fliers had gone out the same day as ballots did, many folks may have accidentally thrown them away or mistaken the ballot for advertisement mail, according to Rosand.

As the ballot problem has come to our attention, we have done what we can, via emails and our online newspaper site, along with through Facebook and the Republican Party correspondence to get the word out there.

Patty Rosand has supplied phone number and online ways of getting your ballot.  She said If you have not received your ballot, phone 360-417-2221, or go online at, click on MY VOTE, MY BALLOT and order and print a replacement ballot. You will be informed if there is a problem with your registration.
For Clallam County Overseas, Military and Disabled Ballot go to

If you are out of town (or if you know of someone who is out of town) and didn't receive your ballot, and won't be back in time to vote, contact one of these underlined sites for information on how to vote: