January 2010 Stories

Week of Jan. 24 - 30

Assault weapons ban likely to fail - Seattle PI

A commentary on the Washington State's Department of Ecology -Using Taxpayer's Money to Propagandize? - by Norm MacLeod

Help wanted: $24,000 to stop Glenn Beck, 'tea-baggers' - 'Grass-roots' organizers sought to 'counter hysteria and lies' - WND

Scientists in stolen e-mail scandal hid climate data - Times Online UK

Property owners and politicians request limits to land grabs - Attorney General Rob McKenna announces bills to reign in the government’s eminent domain powers

Documentary: "Stupid in America" by John Stossel - an alarming look at the education system in the U.S. (scroll down to bottom of page and click on your choice of the videos)

Progressives Call On Obama To Fire Rahm Emanuel - PLND

Anti-Gun Senator Shoots Intruder - 74-year-old N.C. state senator shoots, wounds intruder at his home - Richmond Times-Dispatch


Week of Jan. 17 - 23

Arkansas Rep. Marion Berry to retire - WA Post


Participation crucial while legislature is in session - listing of several bills affecting water in WA State


Kretz insulted by ‘arrogant’ attitude of fish and wildlife officials - ‘Public hearing was proof the Department of Fish and Wildlife is out of touch with rural Washingtonians,’ says Kretz - News Release

Global Cooling or ? Remember Newsweek's 1974 article on Global Cooling?

World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown - Times Online UK

Week of Jan. 10 - 16


Quillayute River dredging project nears end - PDN


MARTHA IRELAND COLUMN: Gauging the impact of impact fees - PDN

Olympia, WA: New taxes possible in 2010 - Two top Democrats say a huge drop in revenue means tax hikes may be needed - Everett Herald

Olympia Budget: Despite Claims to the Contrary, State Employee Contracts can be Changed

President Obama Signs Executive Order Establishing Council of Governors - E-News

Audiences experience 'Avatar' blues - Some fans say James Cameron's "Avatar" may have been too real - CNN


Conservative push for new county charter gaining steam - Some Democrats open to system that offers more citizen control - The Columbian


Week of Jan. 1 - 9


Senatorial Candidates speak at forum in Sequim - Citizen Review Online Staff

Steve Beren Interviews Senatorial candidates one-on-one - Steveberen.com (outside link)

Sea-Tac getting full-body scanners - King 5 News


State could run out of money by September, says Washington treasurer - News Tribune

County urged to create 'minimalist' restrictions for Shoreline Master Program, Critical Areas Ordinance - Methow Valley News


INTERPOL and EO 13524 amending EO12425 - an anaylsis by Sovereignty Intl. - Henry Lamb

The impudent tyranny of Harry Reid - Examiner Editorial Commentary

Letter to the Editor: White House Immersed In Pork Barrel

Tea Party Express, Part Three - CNN Editorial