Respect Washington Files Motion for Summary Judgement -Group Seeks to Remove non-Citizen Voters from Rolls-

News Release
Respect Washington

Posted 4/3/2011

Washington State - Citizens’ watchdog group Respect Washington today filed Motion for Summary Judgement in support of  a November 2010 petition of King County Superior Court to release public documents containing “non-juror” information (Case No. 10-2-41119-4 SEA).

King County Superior Court was one of 38 county superior courts which refused to release non-juror information for audit of the voter rolls.  A “non-juror” is an individual summoned but deemed unqualified for jury service due to disqualifiers such as felony conviction or lack of U.S. citizenship.  Respect Washington and petitioner Martin Ringhofer seek access to the public’s information in order to verify that ineligible individuals are not registered to vote in Washington State.  Respect Washington is assisted by the Immigration Reform Law Institute (, Washington, D.C., drafters of Arizona's SB 1070 and Legal Arizona Workers Act of 2007 (E-verify).

Courts in two of Washington State’s 39 counties did, upon Ringhofer’s request, release public documents containing non-juror information.

From Douglas County Superior Court the cross-referencing of 238 non-citizen non-jurors between 2008 and 2010 revealed seven (7) registered voters, two (2) with voting records.  The voter registrations of the seven have been confirmed by the Washington State Secretary of State.

From Okanogan County District Court the cross-referencing of 178 non-citizen non-jurors between 2008 and 2010 revealed four (4) registered to vote, all four (4) with voting records.

While King County Superior Court refused to release the public’s record of non-jurors, the court did reveal that for 2008-2009 6962 summoned jurors identified themselves as non-U.S. citizens.  If Douglas and Okanogan experience holds in King County, there may be as many as 200 registered voters among the 6962 non-citizens.  Those 6962 non-citizens entered the Master Jury Pool due to the failure of Washington’s governor, representatives and senators to require verification of U.S. lawful presence as a condition of drivers license issuance.  Driver licensees automatically become part of the Master Jury Pool.

Washington State and New Mexico are now the only two states that do not require Social Security Number for test of U.S. lawful presence (i.e. citizenship, permanent residency or valid visa status).  Consequently, Washington State has become a mecca for illegal aliens and others seeking to hide their identity and immigration status.  In Olympia this spring Senate Democrats both sponsored and then killed the SB 5407 legislation intended to cure this failure.  Governor Chris Gregoire (360-902-4111) has so far refused to issue an executive order to her DoL.  In stark contrast, citizens initiative I-1122 is now collecting signatures to require DoL verify U.S. lawful presence.

The Washington State Attorney General has confirmed

“…Washington State does not require proof of legal presence in order for someone to obtain a drivers license… The National Voter Registration Act allows an application for driver’s license to also serve as application for voter registration…”

Any non-citizen holder of a Washington State drivers license of identicard may, therefore, register to vote at the Secretary of State’s website without human scrutiny or verification of U.S. lawful presence.
Respect Washington co-founder Craig Keller observed: “If those we “hire” to serve justice and the legal residents of Washington State fail us, then the citizen has no choice but to enact law directly.  I-1122 is that present opportunity.” 

“The political bosses clinging to power in Olympia have turned Washington State into a Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization on the taxpayer’s dime.  Citizens are waking up.”

Since 2006 the state DoL has issued 350,353 drivers licenses to those who did not supply a SSN upon application.  Crosscheck against the 12/31/10 voter list has revealed 10,866 of those registered to vote.  While lack of association between a licensee’s record at DoL and a SSN is no proof of that licensee’s voter ineligibility, Washington elections officials are now not policing this gateway to illegal voter registration.  Proof of U.S. lawful presence for all DoL licenses would go a long way toward protecting the citizen’s franchise.  Prior to this November’s anticipated passage of I-1122, Washington courts must cooperate with citizens and elections officials to release all public documents necessary to aid the audit of the voter list, as is common practice across the United States.  The Ringhofer Petition demands court cooperation.  In parallel, Respect Washington’s I-1122 citizen legislation will compel court release to the Secretary of State through statute.

“Protecting the integrity of the election process and ensuring that only legally eligible voters determine the outcome of elections in Washington is a matter of public interest and a responsibility of county registrars,” stated petitioner Martin Ringhofer, a former candidate for Seattle School Board.

Snoqualmie Valley School District’s February Bond Levy was defeated by 3 votes.  Were those three “No” votes cast by non-citizens?
“Every Washington citizen has a vested interest in ensuring the outcome of elections in the state are free, fair, and decided by eligible citizens. The people of this state have a right and a compelling interest in confirming that their franchise is being adequately protected. There is no good reason why the public should not have access to the public’s information now withheld by King County and 36 other counties,” concluded Ringhofer.



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