Letter: Too few building permits in Clallam County



2012 WA State Budget is based on projected income.

At the last 4C's meeting, a gentleman questioned the basis for the 2012 Budget?

He suggested that WA State projected income amount was TOO HIGH.

To document the depressed state of the economy in Clallam County, I submit the following.

I applied for a permit at the DCD Clallam County Planning Dept. on July 12, 2011. I was in disbelief,

Permit #SHR-2011- 0006,

I questioned the number? Only 6 permits in 2011?

Yes, only 6 permits.

Disbelieving, I showed him the document I recorded on June 28, 2011 at the Auditors Office it was #2011-1267415?

Yes, the Auditor's number indicated over a million documents recorded at the Auditor's Office year to date and only (6) permits at the Planning Dept.

Of any kind?


Are our current WA State, (County) elected officials out of touch with reality?

I would like to submit this question to Clallam County Commissioner Candidates, Jim McEntire and Linda Barnfather.

Are they fully aware of the depressed state of the economy in Clallam County and what proposals do they have to fix it?

Pearl Rains Hewett