Update On The Fight to Stop Agenda 21 - Plantation, Florida quits ICLEI

Canada Free Press

By Tom DeWeese


The eighth community, Plantation, Florida has just voted to not renew its ICLEI contract. That’s eight communities in eight months, and many more are working to be next. Plantation is added to the growing list that includes Carroll County, MD; Montgomery County, PA; Amador County, CA; Edmond, OK; Las Cruces, NM; Spartanburg, SC; and Albemarle, VA.

This is wonderful, positive news, indicating that more and more elected officials are starting to listen to our arguments. However, as we move forward in more and more communities, I am getting messages from local activists who are alarmed with actions in their communities after they have removed ICLEI. Apparently many have misunderstood the battle, thinking that ousting ICLEI is the FINAL victory to defeat Agenda 21 in their community. It isn’t – it is only the first blow. Now, you must begin to dismantle the policies ICLEI helped to create.

Another detail I want to make clear. We targeted ICLEI because it has a clear UN connection, making it much easier to expose it. But ICLEI is only one group promoting the agenda. And it might not even be the most powerful. We are learning that the American Planning Association (APA) may be a much more dangerous foe, in that it is not recognized to have UN connections, rather it is accepted as a legitimate planning group with ties to literally every local and state government.

Finally, so many activists are running to their elected officials, accusing them of enforcing UN policy. While certainly technically true, it is a sure fire way to be ignored and laughed at. I suggest the following approach instead: Before making any overt efforts, do your research on the policies being suggested in City Council and determining what the result of such policy will be – who are the victims of it and how will them be affected? Those victims are prime candidates to be new recruits for your campaign. After you have taken those steps to understand exactly who and what you are dealing with, then take it to City Council. Argue your position from one of strength as opposition to the policy, rather than open yourself up to ridicule over the UN issues. Of course it is UN policy and we can prove it, but what matters at this point is to stop it. Get the people of the town on your side and put the elected officials on the defensive instead of you. From that point you can add to your position by exposing the special interest groups behind the policy.