Money is not Weath

Commentary by Marv Chastain
Port Angeles, WA

Money is not wealth - It just represents wealth. Printing more money just decreases the amount of wealth represented by each dollar in circulation.


Wealth is created by:

1- Manufacturing a useful product whose value exceeds that of the raw materials that went into it, and

2- Extracting natural resources such as oil, coal, minerals, timber and energy (using coal, biomass, wind, sun, nuclear, ocean tides, oil and power of falling water).


For the past 30-40 years our government (both Republican and Democrat administrations and congresses) has been sabotaging wealth creation by:

1- Encouraging US manufacturers to get their products made in foreign countries (creates wealth for the foreign country, makes profit for the company from the low cost labor, then takes US wealth to buy imported products).

2- Limiting opportunities for extraction of our natural resources. (Radical environmentalism - including destruction of Elwha Dams/Lakes).

3- Allowing illegal aliens to move in and freeload on US taxpayers.


The end result is that we now are broke and have a government which is attempting to "solve" the problem by "redistributing" what wealth we still have and printing money, while borrowing more of it - a sure formula for economic disaster.


Until we get back to basics and start up the engines of wealth creation, our situation can only get worse.  Until we elect people to government who understand these principles and have the guts to apply them, we shall continue our present downward spiral to bankruptcy and poverty.


Marv Chastain has been active with trying to save the Elwha Dams. His website is at