Senate approves bill to reconcile Budget and increase fees

Posted May 23, 2011

Report from FourC newsletter

ESHB 1087 (AMS ENGR S2838.E), titled AN ACT Relating to fiscal matters, has been passed by the Senate.  The Senate modified the House budget bill (HB1087) by striking the house proposed budget and amending it with the Senate jointly approved budget. 

The Senate Budget incorporates the most recent projected 2012-2013 revenues, but also includes $532 million in increased end user fees.  This means that it increases current spending levels beyond the projected available revenue. 

The fee increases are not covered by I1053; therefore, they do not require a super majority vote.  The Office of Financial Management has identified sections 145; 150(2); 204(4)(a); 205(1)(n); 206(14); 208(3); 218(1); 220(2); 302(2); 308(7); 401(1); 402(4); 603; 604; and 615(2)of this bill as requiring a ten-year projection of increased cost to the taxpayers or affected feepayers. 

The ten year cost is estimated to be $3.3 Billion.  This is a significant increase in cost to the affected user groups and will ultimately end up with the consumer. 

Many of these fee increases involve State colleges and universities. 

It seems that our legislature does not get the message from the voters regarding "no new taxes."  This should include increasing taxes or fees on anyone no matter how you disguise it.

The following links provide more detail: Budget comparisons - House and Senate  Ten year estimate of Fee increases by agency