McEntire announces his candidacy for County Commissioner


Posted 5/10/2011

News Release

Port of Port Angeles Commissioner Jim McEntire announced today that he is a Republican candidate for the Clallam County Commission.

McEntire says: "Ten days ago, you paid your first installment of your property taxes. Do you feel as if you are better off this year?"

“Government cannot create an economy, but it sure can hold back economic growth by bad policymaking and excessive taxation.”

McEntire asks that citizens consider these facts:

• Since 2003, County property taxes are one-third higher ($3.3 million) per year  - growing 3.6% faster than the rate of inflation!

• Since 2003, Clallam’s median household income has declined by more than $13,000 per year when adjusted by the same inflation rate!!

• Unemployment has spiked at a too-high 11.6%.

• Clallam’s working families are under great economic stress. Over the last decade, we
have lost people between 25 to 55 years of age while the overall population has grown by over 5,900.

“Government has to live within its means. We must not raise taxes and put additional
economic burdens on Clallam County families – people are just tapped out and cannot
afford it, ” McEntire says.

His press release states:

Voters have the opportunity to elect a Thoughtful, Fair-minded, Sensible, Responsible Leader who will position our County’s economy for a brighter future. “Job one” is to promote policies that will get the private sector economy growing again. That will be my major focus, should you elect me to the County Commission. I stand for two other things also: fiscal responsibility and common sense environmental regulation. I support time-tested American civic values of self-reliance, liberty, private enterprise, and families and communities taking care of each other.

Several big regulatory issues will be before the County Commission in the next several years: the update to our Shorelines Master Plan, water rules for the Dungeness River watershed, getting the Carlsborg Urban Growth Area squared away, and others too. Achieving the right balance between individual and property owner’s rights, environmental protection, and economic growth will take wisdom, real consultation with – and listening to – the public, and an experienced, steady hand on the tiller by a new County Commissioner.

“I am a proven and effective leader. I know what it takes to make the right decisions for the benefit of our citizens. I know I can serve the people of Clallam County wisely and well – just as I’m doing right now. My record as a Port Commissioner shows that I know how to take on hard issues and achieve results. Among many things, we have been instrumental in partnering with the City of Port Angeles, Clallam County and many others to provide the infrastructure necessary for a private aircraft parts manufacturer to expand and grow.”


Elected Clallam County’s District 1 Port Commissioner in 2007.

Grew up in Athens, Georgia. Born at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains in June, 1950, into Scots Irish families that had lived there before the Revolution.


Clarke County, Georgia public schools; Eagle Scout; Army Junior ROTC.
Bachelor of Science, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut, 1972.
Master of Public Administration, George Washington University, Washington, DC, 1988.
Secretary of Defense Strategic Studies Group, Arlington, Virginia, 1998 – 1999.

Total Service to the Nation and Clallam County Under an Oath of Office: 41+ Years:

Board of Commissioners, Port of Port Angeles, Washington (committee assignments)

President, Peninsula Development District (Clallam-Jefferson economic development

Member, Clallam Marine Resources Committee.

Commissioner, Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative.

Member, U.S. Coast Guard Area Maritime Security Committee.


United States Coast Guard

Retired at the rank of Captain (O-6) in 2000.

Served in six ships on the east and west coasts, plus Puerto Rico, commanding the last three.

Military Assistant to the Secretary of Transportation.

Chief of Budget and Programs office.

Chief of Strategy.

Total service: 32 years, 28 as a commissioned officer.

Civilian Service

U.S. Department of Transportation – senior analyst in the Departmental Budget Office.

U.S. Department of Labor – Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget and Strategic
Planning (promoted to the Senior Executive Service in 2003).

U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Director of Business Transformation.

Total service: 6 years.