Sequim, WA: Metro Park District Proposed 


Posted 5/26/2011

from FourC newsletter

Sequim, WA - The Sequim City Council and City Manager Steve Burkett are considering the formation of a Metropolitan Park District that would incorporate the outlying county areas of the City of Sequim. 

According to an article in this weeks Sequim Gazette, the City will be sending out random surveys to city and county residents to  question if their parks and recreation needs are being met.  Of consideration is SARC which has approximately $790,000 in the bank, and the proposal that the City take over that facility as part of the Metro Park District.   

The tax base for the cost of such a project is estimated at $.75 of $1,000 property valuation for both city and county residents.  That is a big number and one we should all be concerned with as the City pursues this course. 

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    "Do taxpayers want a Metro Park District"   Metro Park District