Hats off to Governor Scott for repealing State Growth Management Act

Commentary by Rene’ Holaday
UN Researcher

October 19, 2011

Dear Editor,

I have the best news that I’ve heard in 5 years! The Trojan Horse has just been inserted into the UN fortress! Have you ever heard of Governor Rick Scott? You’re going to remember that name after you read this.

The Florida Governor, Rick Scott, has just successfully repealed the statewide UN program of Growth Management! Can you believe it? His focus was to “create jobs, reduce taxes, and eliminate over 1,000 state rules and regulations that stifle business growth and job creation”. Hurray for Gov. Rick Scott!! EVERY Governor should be doing that right now!

According to “Florida Repeals Smart Growth Law”, a 10-07-11 article written by Wendell Cox, “Governor Rick Scott had urged repeal as a part of his program to create 700,000 new jobs in seven years in Florida. Economic research in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States has associated slower economic growth with growth management programs.”

The article goes on to describe how extensive economic research shows Growth Management causes higher housing costs, due to loss of competitive land supply. It also causes the development of real estate monopolies, allowing for housing bubbles. Growth Management greatly contributes to the loss of jobs, loss of small businesses and farms, and therefore the slowing of the economy. Of course, Growth Management also causes many other nasty problems for people through all of its outlandish and eco-extremist regulations that are all connected to things like the Critical Areas Ordinances(CAOs).

So ICLEI(International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives), and/or Growth Management has now been repealed from 9 cities and counties in the USA, and one whole state. Do you realize the historical significance of what is happening here? The fruition of these nasty regulations has been “in progress” now since 1945, but they are now being repealed as the UN attempts to hurry and tighten its noose before people can catch on to what is happening.

This heroic example, set by Gov. Rick Scott, is the beacon of light showing all of us the way, and providing us with a blueprint to follow in order to duplicate the same procedure in our state of WA. When I hear our elected officials cowering to these Sustainable Development CAOs instead of confronting and repealing them like they have in Florida, I just shake my head. A little “spine” in this area is all it takes to confront something that clearly has no right being in this country, and so far, the Clallam County Republican Party is the only area in WA showing any kind of spine right now.

Clearly, these foreign governance programs can be repealed- it is now a proven fact- and clearly these foreign programs are detrimental to our way of life, economy, food supply, private property rights, individual rights, our State and US Constitutions, and our children’s futures. When there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by repealing Growth Management, then it should have been done yesterday!

Let the light of this great news shine on us today because we have all been given a blueprint for repealing Growth Management at the state level. Think about it for a minute; we can either confront this foreign garbage and repeal it like Florida has, or we can continue to heed the UN threats of more rigorous regulations and lawsuits and cower like the dogs they think we are.

Beyond that, take in the opportunity to observe what can be done when good people that truly want to help “the people” for a change, get put into office; www.rickscottforflorida.com

My hat’s off to the first great Governor in the USA to repeal the Growth Management Act!! Hurray!