Clallam County GOP elects new Chair

By Lois Krafsky-Perry  
Citizen Review   

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Port Angeles, WA-----Sue Forde of Sequim was elected chair of the Clallam County Republican Party (CCRP) on August 27 in Port Angeles.  Forde, formerly vice-chair, led the party after the recent passing of Fred Norton, who had undergone heart surgery in Seattle. A new vice- chair will be elected at the CCRP September 24th meeting.

Donna Buck, a former chair of the party, led a memoriam for Norton and presented a check from the Party and flowers to Norton’s son Gene.  The check was given to the Charlotte Norton fund, established by her husband Fred several years ago. Fred’s name was entered on a plaque, which honored Charlotte and several previous members of the Party.
Forde, who was elected to the Clallam County Home Rule Charter Commission, declared she is ready to get down to business and help the party grow. Young Republicans’ Club development and building on unity as a theme are two of Forde’s key goals for the local Party. 

Boosting the membership and growing the positive influence of CCRP, along with improving its image and expanding community involvement, are priorities for the new chairwoman as well.

Former Young Republican co-chairs Holly Hay and Ryan Kent Smith spoke on behalf of the Young Republicans (YRs) and challenged the group to encourage young people to be involved.

Smith, who is teaching university students throughout China for the past four and a half years and will be returning to Asia in the fall, told the attendees, “Young people welcome your expertise and wisdom.”

Hay, who has been teaching in South Korea and India the past two years, was one of the youngest delegates to attend and vote at the Republican National Convention several years ago. She will be residing in Seattle and will be available to offer help to the new local members.

Kaj and Laura Ahlburg will host the Young Republicans at their home September 3 in Port Angeles.


Clallam County Republican Party elects Sue Forde as Chair

by Ryan Kent Smith


Port Angeles, WA - The Clallam County Republican Party (CCRP) Central Committee is pleased to announce that Sue Forde has been formally elected to the remaining term as chairwoman of the county Republican Party.

Forde, who had been serving as Acting Chair since the passing of Fred Norton of Port Angeles, also currently serves as treasurer of the Republican Women of Clallam County (RWCC).  She was previously president of the RWCC.

Forde was elected on the basis of her uniquely broad experience in business in combination with recognition of her integrity and passion for volunteerism.

With a dozen years of commitment to actively researching and covering local and state politics, which put Forde in touch with a wide array of voices and perspectives, approaches to policy and issues of importance to citizens of Clallam County, she is enthusiastic in enhancing its inclusive spirit.

In high school, Forde early in life developed an appreciation for political involvement, volunteering for Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign as her inaugural effort in the arena of politics.

Since that time, Forde has served as a delegate to the county and state Republican conventions, won the nomination for Clallam County District 1 commissioner position, and was elected as a Clallam County Home Rule Charter commissioner (a non-partisan office).
The broad-based experience that is Forde’s repertoire includes journalism as well as management, editing and publishing.  She is a respected consultant on various business and political matters; her resume involves such varied teaching experience as history, government, business management, English and escrow courses (many of these at the college level).  A former administrator for a private music academy, Forde has valuable experience as a manager responsible for budgets, morale, and curriculum development.

An avid reader, Sue Forde’s enterprises demonstrate the breadth of her personal interests, from ownership of a bookstore to marketing and website design. She is a founding member of Sequim (Skwim) Toastmasters in addition to being a found board member and secretary of the North Olympic Counties Farm Bureau.

Knowledgeable about real estate and escrow services after two decades in escrow experience and sales, Forde recognizes property rights as a fundamental Constitutional right; she has comprehensive understanding of and profound respect for the U. S. Constitution and how it continues to apply to American lives today.

Young Republicans’ Club development and building on unity as a theme are two of Forde’s key goals for the local Party. 

Boosting the membership and growing the positive influence of CCRP, along with improving its image and expanding community involvement, are priorities for the new chairwoman as well.

CCRP members closed Monday night’s meeting with a spirit of enthusiasm and optimism for their shared vision of a more favorable environment for jobs growth, freedom, fair and reasonable taxation, and governmental accountability.

After election night’s ballots were confidentially tallied by Terry Roth and Holly Andrea Hay, newly elected chair Sue Forde quoted Winston Churchill: “We live by what we get.  We make a life by what we give.”  Forde added, “This great idea/quotation comment speaks eloquently to our concept of – and the value of – volunteerism.  We Republicans want to ensure that Americans can keep more of what they earn, so they have the freedom to give what they will from their legendary generous hearts.”

Finally, the new chair highlighted the sense that the Party will work toward emphasizing what they are for, beginning afresh a conversation with the local community with an invitation: “I would like to warmly welcome every interested member of the community.  If you support innovative solutions that don’t prefer government as the primary line of offense against modern-day challenges, do come to one of our enjoyable forums and rediscover your local Republican Party.  If you come back often, soon we’ll discover that our Party looks a great deal like you."




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