Cougars get bolder as protection increases

Letter to the Editor of Methow Valley News


Would like to go over some of the facts that are obviously being overlooked by westsiders.

I am 52 years old, have lived in Eastern Washington all my life, been an avid hunter since seven years old, and have lived in the Methow Valley for 25 years. Having a good background in game animals, I feel that I could shed a lot of light on this subject.

In 25 years in the town of Twisp, yes we have had occasional instances when a bear may wander through but not stop. Deer in the yards during winter, but as spring breaks they leave. Not a problem.

But since hound hunting was outlawed by the westside voters, we now, in just that short period, have big cats coming to town. This winter my wife lost her house cat to a cougar that came boldly to town to hunt domestic animals. This cat was bold enough to prowl through many blocks of homes to hunt, rest, etc. He even spent some resting time under my tarped motorhome. This is one experience of many in the Valley.

Cats are losing their fear of man. All of evolution depends on predation of some form. Cats and bears have basically one main predator, thatís man. Whatís that tell you? The statement was made that only one human has been killed since 1924. Do you know that cats hunt primarily at night? How many humans are in their yards at night?

I have some solutions, since the west side doesnít have a problem. How about we start a trapping program and transport these problem animals to the west side since their votes decided what we need or have to live with.

Or you could vote for the west sideís rules and leave us out of your uninformed and inexperienced decisions.

Jerry Holeman



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