Everett's water tops group's tap survey

By David Olson
Everett Herald Writer


EVERETT, WA- Everett has some of the best drinking water in the nation, according to the American Water Works Association.

The city recently received the nonprofit group's "directors award" for the fifth straight year. Everett Public Works was one of only 34 water utilities nationwide - and one of two in Washington, along with Bellingham - to receive a "five-year directors award."

"They're going above and beyond what's required of them by federal requirements," said Kylah Hedding, spokeswoman for the association.

The award means that Everett's water contains fewer contaminants than other cities' water, she said.

"It's a good report card for five years," said Everett Utilities Director Tom Thetford.

The city has made several improvements to its treatment plant over the past five years, he said. Improved filters mean fewer particulates get into drinking water. And buffering solutions have made the water less acidic. Less acidic water doesn't eat away at pipes as aggressively, and that means a further reduction in particulates, he said.

The award isn't for taste, but Everett's water has fared well in that category as well. In a 2000 competition at a Seattle Public Utilities lab, Everett's drinking water tied for first for best taste among 17 competitors.

The award is part of the Partnership for Safe Water, which includes the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the Association for Metropolitan Water Agencies, the American Water Works Association and several other groups.



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