Surrender to Wildfire

Tune in Saturday:

KSCO 1080 AM, 12 NOON - 1 PM

This Saturday, July 17th, Lisa Rudnick will be hosting the Perspectives radio program at 12 noon (PST) on KSCO 1080 AM on the central coast of California. This show will also be broadcast live via the internet at

Lisa will be interviewing Madeleine Cosman, PhD., Esq., who will be discussing the fires in southern California, the failure of emergency agencies to respond properly, and how international fire code plays a role. Specifically, Madeleine will detail a speech for which she has been receiving standing ovations entitled, “Surrender to Wildfire”.

Main topics are:

subversive environmentalism,
toxic regulation,
tolerance for arson, and
sabotage of intelligent self-help.

Please tune in for this timely interview.

For liberty,

Michael Park
Communications Specialist, Freedom 21 Santa Cruz
Editor, Advance Bulletin

PO Box 3330

Freedom, CA 95019




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