MORRISON: Kerry's dance partners should concern property owners

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Opinion by Joyce Morrison (
The Illinois Leader

Kerry and Edwards' funders expect their contributions to produce public policy results -- some of which could be devastating to property owners, Joyce Morrison writes today.
OPINION -- Presidential election years can be frightening. The nation’s moral and constitutional values are at risk and our nation can be destroyed from within at a whim. As former President Clinton said about executive orders, "Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool."

Any voter should take it upon himself to connect the dots to see who the candidate’s buddies and contributors are. Are they environmentalists, against property rights and gun control, for abortion and socialism? If they are on the opposite side, red flags and sirens should sound.

"Build unity to take back our country in 2004. Defeat Bush and the Ultra Right" is the slogan found on the website of the Communist Party of the USA.

The Communist Party's slogan, "Take back our country," hit me as being a bit strange. Am I wrong or did I miss something as to the reason we fought some pretty mean battles to protect the USA from Communism?

From the St. Augustine Record, D.P. Heibold writes, "The ‘Top Ten Reasons’ of the Communist party are identical to those of the Democratic party: out-sourcing, homosexual rights, abortion and the like..."

Heibold said he had contacted a spokesman of the Communist Party USA in Georgia who told him, "The CPUSA supports the John Kerry campaign with donations and volunteer effort. We believe that defeating George Bush is the single most important issue this November..."

"Let America be America Again." is one of Kerry’s campaign themes according to Heibold. He said the man who wrote the gloomy poem that is the rest of the slogan also wrote a poem that says: "Goodbye, Christ Jesus, Lord, God, Jehovah, Beat it away from here now. Make way for a new guy with no religion at all -- A real guy named Marx, Communist, Lenin, Peasant, Stalin, Worker, ME -- I said, ME!"

Wives have great influence on their husbands and plenty has been circulating the internet about Mrs. Maria Teresa Thiersten Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry and her connection with the Tides Foundation.

Mrs. Kerry was born in Mozambique, the daughter of a Portugese physician, educated in Switzerland and South Africa and is fluent is five languages. She met H. John Heinz III while she was working in Geneva as a United Nations interpreter and he was working in a Geneva bank.

They married and returned to Pittsburg. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1971, and became a senator in 1976 was elected to the first of three terms in the U.S. Senate. Ironically, he was a Republican and reports say he wrote a burning report against some of the causes backed by a young House member by the name of John Kerry.

Heinz died in a plane crash in 1991. The Heinz heiress is reported to have ran across John Kerry at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and later they married.

Urban Legends reports a rumor on the internet concerning Mrs. Kerry’s donations to the Tides Foundation to support extremist causes are false.

"While it is a fact that the Heinz Endowments, of which Teresa Heinz Kerry is the chairman, has granted upwards of $8 million through the Tides Center and the Tides Foundation since 1994 to fund high school career programs, environmental protection projects and the like in Pennsylvania, those funds were not shared by any other causes or organizations connected with Tides, according to administrators," according to Urban Legends.

Persons who felt their property rights slipping away in Pennsylvania may not believe her contributions to support extremist causes were really false if they have felt the effects of "environmental protection projects....and the like." Check the website of the Pennsylvania Landowners Association.

Tom Randall from the consulting firm of Winningreen LLC in Chicago wrote, "Pittsburgh is home to a new liberal funding organization that lists its priorities as the local environment, land use and sustainability."

However, its affiliations raise questions about its real purpose.

The Tides Center also manages the Youth Gender Project whose goal is to "empower and support transgender, gender-variant, intersexed and gender-questioning youth and young adults." I freely admit not all of these terms are in my spell-checker, Randall’s article continued.

Grant recipients also include the Iraq Peace Fund that has so far granted $489,000 to 27 groups to promote anti-war marches and their coverage by the news media, as well as the mission of one of those groups,, whose purpose is to defeat George W. Bush.

If you remember, Kerry voted to push Bush into Iraq but then voted not to fund the battle.

While groups such as these and dozens of others organized and/or financed by the Tides Foundation and Center are relatively recent in their origin and transient in their nature, many are more established and pervasive in their influence, according to Randall’s research.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, another Tides project, destroyed many apple farmers in Washington state with its phony Alar pesticide scare. It "leaked" a false report that Alar, used by the state's apple growers there, caused cancer particularly in children. Sales of apples plummeted before the hoax could be debunked, Randall reported.

Both John Kerry and John Edwards are enemies to owners of private property and their voting records are clear on this. Landrights scorecard, The League of Private Property Voters, awarded John Kerry their "Enemy" award for his zero percent vote for property rights. Edwards shares the same anti-property rights views.

However, the extreme environmental groups love this team. It will be like getting Clinton and Gore back into office if they can get Bush out and this team in. The League of Conservation Voters, the wealthy, opposite counterpart of the League of Private Property Voters, is going after Bush with a vengeance.

"As the campaign to unseat the worst anti-environment president in history heats up, LCV endorses Sen. John Kerry. His extraordinary lifetime LCV rating, record of accomplishment, and commitment to our issues makes him the clear choice for environmentalists."

It is not hard to paint any image you want if you have enough dollars and the right public relations people.

Bush has worked to restore common sense back into the care of the environment with his Healthy Forest Initiative and other programs. It has been difficult for him as Clinton environmentalists are still employed in high positions embedded throughout the agencies.

These environmentalists want a pristine banana environment. "Build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything." And they do not want the people of the United States to be property owners. Watch for their slogan, "Give Bush the Boot."

Along with U.S. Congressmen and Senators they endorse, The League of Conservation Voters, the Political Voice of the Environmental Movement, they have endorsed one State Senate Candidate Barack Obama and they have him listed as a 2004 Environmental Champion.

"If elected, Barack Obama has committed to fight global warming, regulate waste from concentrated animal feeding operations and work for clean air," they say.

Republicans from Illinois endorsed by this extreme environmental group are Rep. Tim Johnson for Illinois's 15th District, who opposed President Bush’s Healthy Forest Initiative.

They endorsed Rep. Mark Kirk from the 10th District because he has established himself as an important advocate for improving the health and quality of life of his constituents and for the long-term interests of our country. He earned a solid 80% in LCV's 2003 National Environmental Scorecard

The League of Conservation Voter’s board is made up of groups like the Beldon Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense, Friends of the Earth, Natural Resources Council of Maine, Global Environment Project Institute, National Parks Conservation Association, Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP America), The Wilderness Society , Rockefeller Family & Associates, Defenders of Wildlife and numerous other environmental groups.

The Sierra Club is praising vice presidential candidate Edwards for his environmental leadership. He voted to keep us from drilling oil in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge knowing we are dependent on foreign nations for our oil. He voted to increase funding for environmental programs and enforcement funding, and he voted for the Clinton Administration’s Roadless Rule.

Will the Communists, League of Conservation Voters (which includes a few Republicans), Democrats, and a whole lot of other groups be working together for the Kerry campaign to "give Bush the boot?"

The old saying is you "dance with them who brung ya" could make a candidate mighty beholdin’.

With all the money and power the environmental groups, Planned Parenthood, gay rights groups and others wield, there will be some devastating dance floor maneuvers in the days ahead.

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Joyce Morrison lives in southern Illinois. She is a chapter leader for Concerned Women for America and she and her husband, Gary, represent the local Citizens for Private Property Rights. Joyce is Secretary to the Board of Directors of Rural Restoration/ADOPT Mission, a national farm ministry located in Sikeston.

She has become a nationally-recognized advocate for property rights.



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