Don't mow your grass? Go to jail!

By Don Casey
for eco/logic/Powerhouse

May 08, 2007

Environmental Police

This Birmingham Environmental Police car is used by City’s enforcement officers to ensure that residents are in compliance with environmental ordinances. Enforcement of the weed ordinance (quoted below) resulted in Southside residents cry for help. Mobile, Birmingham, and Atlanta have environmental police – it is a “think globally act locally” agenda.

    (b) Weeds, Shrubs, Other Vegetable Growth. It shall be unlawful for any owner, proprietor or other person in charge or control of any lot, place or premises within the city or police jurisdiction thereof, when such lot, place or premises are not under cultivation for useful and productive purposes, to fail to keep and maintain the same free from injurious, noxious or unsightly weeds, shrubs and other vegetable or grass growth higher than 10 inches. As used herein a weed shall include an economically useless plant: a plant of unsightly appearance; a tree or shrub of low economic value that tends to grow freely; a form of vegetable life of exuberant growth and injurious effect. Each day such condition is maintained shall constitute a separate offense.

Read the entire ordinance here.

Penalties for non compliance begin at $100 per day on first offense. Second offense, the fine is $250 per day, and for a third offense, the fine is $500 per day and jail.

See what Birmingham residents have to say.



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