'Reinventing Government'

Letter to the Editor

posted 4/5/04

Dear Editor,

After attending meetings, public hearings, submitting comments on proposed resource management activities, I have come to the conclusion we are experiencing a phenomenon known as "Reinventing Government".

How it seems to be working is first a report is submitted to the public and/or Legislature. Then this report or "white paper" is put in the form of WACs Washington Administrative Code. Then segments of these WACs are introduced as legislation having terms such as "a new section is added to RCW and amending RCW" so and so. The first thing you know; we have new laws enacted by the legislature.

We are slowly but surely adopting Soviet Style Government where we have boards that make rules and regulations for land and water management rather than experienced professionals. We have hearings boards to determine if we are following rules and regulations, rather than a jury. We are being called a part of the "workforce" instead of a citizen; we are "stakeholders" instead of landowners. Within boards and planning units, we are forced to adopt the process of consensus instead of voting to reach a decision.

And how is this being done? Documents called Memorandums of Understanding, Agreements Between Agencies and through federal grants to the state and then to the counties. With these grants comes the Uniform Code of Regulations, or a manual suggesting, "proper wording" to implement policy in state legislation, county ordinances and/or planning unit activities.

I can't help but think of Khrushchev's remarks upon the height of the cold war, "We will destroy you from within".

Isn't that what is happening now? Rules and regulations being implemented that destroy our ability to produce food and energy unless we have "consent of the government", Environmentalists chanting, "no logging, no mining, no ranching, and no farming, save the salmon, the grizzly, the wolf" and what ever else is determined to be saved. Is this not destroying our economy? Destroying us from within?

If we want our children and grand children to live under Soviet Style Government, all we have to do is nothing. If we want to guarantee freedom for future generations, we must insist on our original form of government. Voting to reach a decision, experienced professionals for land and water management, rejection of "proper wording" for model ordinances, rules, regulations, legislation, adherence to the laws that were passed in the early 1900's to protect our citizens, our economy and our environment.

We are the greatest experiment on earth. Will we as a nation succumb to Soviet Style Government or will we insist upon our original form of Constitutional government? The choice is ours.

Sharon Shumate

Republic, WA



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