Smart Growth is here - God help us

By Joyce Morrison
for Eco-Logic Powerhouse


Shh - don't say the "U.N." word. Only fanatics use that word. It doesn't seem to matter how much documentation is produced, if you even whisper the word "U.N.," you will be called a fanatic by duped people.

Why then is it not derogatory to call a sports enthusiast a "fan?"

Isn't that short for "fan-atic?" Do these "fans" know more statistics and information about their teams than you? Yet, we don't call them fanatics.

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko," John Loeffler wrote.

Article after article has been written regarding the U.N. program Agenda 21 and Sustainable Communities (Smart Growth), yet 99% of the people have no clue what it is.

Once again, this is the global plan to control where you live, what you eat, what you wear, your education, and everything you do - you will have no freedom of choice, and there will be no place to go, because this is a "global" plan.

The book Education for Sustainability: An Agenda for Action from the Government Printing Office tells how the education comes through sources such as "School to Work," formal and non-formal education, even starting with the small children in programs such as "Mighty Morphin Rangers."

"As indicated by the Commission on Global Governance, the need for these nonformal educational experiences is urgent," the book says, on page 23 of Education for Sustainability.

The manual continues, "Today we can gain information and knowledge through the media, our workplaces, and community activities. Non-formal education offers hands-on experiences, as well as more traditional modes of learning."

We then wonder why people have bought into these concepts.

It is because they hear the same "anti-freedom" message repeated through the media, through their schools, through their work. They have been totally brainwashed, and refuse to think differently.

The World Resources Institute is:

"a policy research and capacity building institute that works internationally on environment and development issues, maintains an environmental education project that produces secondary school and university level educational materials on issues such as sustainable development, water pollution, deforestation, urban development, poverty, population growth, and resources consumption. WRI's Environmental Education Project works with other organizations to promote quality environmental education in the United States and worldwide."

This is a recommended resource of the Education for Sustainability.

As Hillary Clinton has said, "it is a seamless web, which no one can escape."

Illinois has Smart Growth. They merely changed the name, and call it "Growing Sensibly."

"The Illinois Growth Task Force's lead House member, Representative Ricca Slone (D-East Peoria) had already sponsored eighteen smart growth related bills in the Spring of 2001, and 23 in the 2002 Spring session. [State Senator Steve] Rauschenberger was the primary Senate sponsor of three of Slone's unbalanced growth bills, as well as primary sponsor of six other such bills, four of which were introduced by two other task force members," according to Donna Bowling's Illinois article.

Chairman of the Illinois Growth Task Force (IGTF), and Senate Sponsor of HB4023, was Senator Steve Rauschenberger (R-Elgin).

Bowling's article reported that "APA's Stuart Meck of Chicago worked with Senator Rauschenberger to implement this planner's delight. In an interview with Sarah Foster of WorldNetDaily, Meck admitted that land use regulations themselves, and statutes are "police power" measures."

The Washington-based Defenders of Property Rights described it this way: "They (meaning the APA) are setting themselves up with a "police power." First, they write the regulation, then they enforce it."

Slone and Rauschenberger may have the best interests for Illinois at heart, but they have just sold your rights and freedoms - and "Shh!" they used a U.N. program to do it.

"The more the ignorance... the better the slave," Edmund Fairfield, Hillsdale College President, said July 4, 1853.

Folks in Columbia, South Carolina, in Richland County, will agree with the police power enforcement spoken of by APA's Stuart Meck.

Kay McClanahan and Doug Kendall have been victims of Smart Growth plans, and they have chosen to speak out, rather than stay silent. But, they have suffered the consequences for their boldness.

McClanahan has been physically injured for her stand, as well as having one of her horses shot, and killed, by an "unknown" vandal.

Kendall's prime time radio air time was bought by the highest bidder, who wanted him off the air. There are ways to deal with people who speak out against the Richland County Town and Country Smart Growth plan.

Portland, Oregon, went full steam ahead with sustainable smart growth planning, and they are in a mess. It is costing a fortune to undo all the problems they have brought in with their American Planning Association type planning.

The following is from Henry Lamb's article Gore's "Wrenching" Legacy.

"Now that it has been thoroughly defined, there is no question that "smart growth" is incredibly stupid. Al Gore used his bully pulpit to popularize the term, and he used the power of his office to redistribute $2 million in taxes to the American Planning Association, with a mandate to produce model legislation that will impose smart growth on every state and every community."

The APA assembled a 30-member directorate to oversee the project. All but one of the members represent government regulators; one lone member represented the regulated community. The work product is a massive book of model laws, from which state legislators may choose in order to assure that smart growth is imposed upon their cities and towns.

It took seven years to produce this monster. Gore is no longer in the pulpit. President Bush's secretary of Housing and Urban Development wants nothing to do with the document, but Gore's running mate, Joe Lieberman, does. Lieberman, Lincoln Chafee, and a few other misguided senators are promoting the Community Character Act (S-975), which bribes states with more tax dollars to adopt and implement the model legislation contained in Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook.

This project paves the way for compliance with United Nations policy established first in 1976, by the U.N. Conference on Human Settlements, and reaffirmed in greater detail in Agenda 21, adopted in 1992. The United States signed both U.N. documents.

In not one interview with the candidates did I see the question asked, "How do you stand on Smart Growth?"

We go to the polls totally uninformed - and then we elect legislators who are equally uninformed - who then pass laws based on Global U.N. policy for our local communities. God help us - Matthew 24:24.


Joyce Morrison lives in southern Illinois. She is a chapter leader for Concerned Women for America and she and her husband, Gary, represent the local Citizens for Private Property Rights. Joyce is Secretary to the Board of Directors of Rural Restoration/ADOPT Mission, a national farm ministry located in Sikeston. She has become a nationally-recognized advocate for property rights.

This article first appeared in the Illinois Leader, and appeared here with permission.



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