Clallam County to support local climate change rally

April 10th, 2007


(Port Angeles, WA) -- Clallam County Commissioners are taking a long look at so-called "Global Warming".

Commissioners have committed to support the local segment of the national "Step it Up" 2007 campaign.

Commissioner Mike Doherty says he thinks the county should go on record in efforts to combat climate change.

Doherty says the low lying lands of the county could be most effected by rising ocean levels. That's one piece of evidence some scientitst say will come from global warming.

Doherty says the county has been taking environmentally- sound measures for some time and committment to the local program is another chance to show leadership on trying to cut carbon emissions.

The local "Step It Up"campaign will include a rally and march at the Vern Burton Center on Saturday. The group then plans to watch Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" after the march.



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