Carrots, Anyone? Our money to be used to buy up private property

US Fish & Wildlife Service's latest carrot is $85,700,000 - almost NINETY
MILLION DOLLARS -- to states for 'endangered species conservation.'  Newly
appointed FWS Director Steve Williams proudly parrots, "Local involvement is
the cornerstone of conservation success."

That is so unimpressive, if only it weren't OUR MONEY that Mr. Williams and
Company is waving under the noses of fifty Governors and their hirelings!

The very decisions made by Americans that forged our great country from the
fires of revolution against English monarchy seem to no longer be enough. 
Rather than continue building upon the experience of being the longest-lived
republic (that's right, I didn't say democracy), we've been suckered into
something that's a sideshow barker with a shell game, just on a much larger

Farmers, ranchers, miners, fishermen, loggers - who don't log 'old growth
timber for toilet paper - all these honorable and learned cultures provide
resources that sustain us all.  We are all consumers.  Some of us also
provide resources that we consume.  That extra measure of responsibility has
not created endangered flora and fauna. 

The contrived crisis that we are told needs mega-millions to 'band-aid' is
not a crisis at all, but a nest-featherer for those who sling mud at the
truth in order to avoid accountability and unemployment.  Let's cut the
bribery and cherish those who deserve the freedom to protect ALL species: our
resource providers!  Give our $85 Million back, Mr. Williams! We'll buy our
own carrots!

Julie Kay Smithson
213 Thorn Locust Lane
London, OH  43140-8844
(it's a zero, not a capital "O")

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