Citizen responds to Darby Refuge questionnaire with facts about Wildlands Project

April 11, 2002 - The Darby Refuge has been an area of contention between government agencies and the people of the Madison County, Ohio area  for some time.  Their site is located at

A statement from their website reflects the stand that citizens in that area of Ohio are making.  It reads: "Whether by the original publicized "Proposed National Wildlife Refuge," or by the "Conservation Reserve and Conservation Reserve Enhancement Programs," or by the Environment Protection Agency using "citizen-based, watershed-wide Planning Groups" with which to implement the Clean Water Act, those who live and work in this beautiful and productive area of prime farmland in west-central Ohio are steadfast in their resolve:  two hundred years of farming and rural custom and culture will not be sacrificed on the altar of "open space" and "farmLAND preservation," neither of which preserves private property and productive agriculture and a place to raise families with roots 200 years deep!

Julie Kay Smithson, of London, Ohio, and president of the "No Darby Refuge" organization, says "USFWS isn't done with us yet; they've had little, obscure articles tucked into dusty corners of the local paper abour their new plan for us, but it isn't on their website, nor will Tom Larson, Regional Director of Region 3, admit!"

On April 10, a notice was sent out that a questionnaire had been mailed by researchers at the Ohio State University who are doing a study of the Darby Refuge Project.

William Judd, a resident of the area, wrote the following response:

10 April 2002
Paget Davis, Masters Candidate
Dr. Craig Davis, Principle Investigator
School of Natural Resources
210 Kottman Hall
2021 Coffey Road
Columbus Ohio 43210-1085

TEL:  614   292-3789 (Dr. Davis),  614   323-3363 (Paget Davis)
Dr. Davis:
Paget Davis:

Dear Investigators:

Thank you for sending the Darby survey questionnaire to convey my thoughts to
you.  The completed survey is enclosed with this letter.  Please put me on
your mailing list for a copy of your final report.

When you begin a project such as this, you must decide to what extent you
want to commit to research and data synthesis.  The situation at Darby is one
branch on a large tree, one skirmish in one battle in a great big war.  A
study which is limited to Darby will have value, but without context of the
global picture is liable to be skewed and incomplete.

There are many Darby situations in the United States and a much larger number
globally.  All operate on the same basic plan.  All are fraudulent,
dishonest, power-seeking, money-seeking, and political.  They are not
environmental.  They are based on junk science, with just enough truth to
impress and alarm the ignorant and uneducated who then clamor for a
government solution to solve an invented problem which in reality is usually
quite minor in scope and importance or in many cases does not exist at all.

I urge you to contact the people listed in this letter, so that you can gain
wider perspective on the situation.  Also, please access the listed websites
and read the book.  Then, if you have the considerable desire, time and
energy necessary to devote to better understanding the situation, there are
many other documents you can access from environmental organizations,
property rights organizations, federal government, and the United Nations,
which provide a good foundation of knowledge on global trends and how those
trends apply to specific situations such as Darby.


Ask yourself, "What would be the reaction of the US Fish and Wildlife
Service, Department of Agriculture, Ohio Natural Resources Agency (whatever
its name), Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Earth Liberation Front, big-city
editorial writers, and others in the environmental movement, to a proposed
goose farm in the Darby area, which would raise more than a million geese
every year, and flush all that goose shit directly into Darby Lake without
sewage treatment?"

Rural people such as me know that a goose is 99% feathers, grease and shit. 
Don't believe me?  Try walking across a lawn beside a lake where a couple of
hundred Canada Geese are nesting.  You will be attacked by geese, you will
get very dirty shoes, and you have a good chance of slipping several times
and falling into goose slime covering the sidewalks and grass.

Darby Refuge proponents expect that geese migrating between northern Canada
and the southern United States will discover the Refuge and call it their
home, and in vast numbers.  Those geese will pick up assorted bacteria,
viruses and other diseases and parasites on their yearly journey, and will
dump those bio-hazards into the Refuge water encased in THOUSANDS of tons of
goose shit each year.  Those pathogens, in large quantity, would be new to
the Darby watershed and will enter ground water and surface water and could
cause widespread disease in people, crops and livestock.  In addition, geese
strip nearby fields of vegetation and do major damage to farmers' crops,
which is one more hassle that farmers should not have to address.  Goose
droppings have high fertilizer content and will cause considerable
"non-point-source" water pollution which would not be tolerated by
environmental agencies if it were waste or runoff from a farm or livestock
operation.  Why is polluted runoff from a commercial feedlot or a farm
unacceptable, but thousands of tone of goose shit in the water would be

Environmental organizations operate for their own benefit, not for benefit of
"the environment."  And increasingly, those organizations operate with
benefit of government money and police power.

In the book TRASHING THE ECONOMY by Ron Arnold and Alan Gottlieb, pages 81
through 127, there is an excellent review of The Nature Conservancy (TNC),
which is one of the environmental organizations active at Darby.  On pages 82
through 86, there is discussion of TNC's buy-out of islands off the Virginia
coast, and subsequent development of some of the best land to upscale,
low-density, very expensive housing called the Virginia Coast Reserve.  As
noted on page 129, environmentalism has been taken over by Big
Money, and Big Money's goal is making the world safe for Big Money, not
environmental preservation.  If Darby Refuge were to happen, I have no doubt
that upscale, "environmentally friendly" housing development would spring up
quickly on the best land parcels owned by environmental land trusts.

TNC is involved in oil production and receives oil royalties.  Other
mainstream environmental organizations are involved in various natural
resources exploitation, including farming, logging, mining and grazing.  Yet
those organizations agitate to prevent oil production on Alaska's North
Slope, end logging on private land and in National Forests, and stop mining
everywhere.  Through their land purchases, Conservation Easements, and
acquisition of land through gifts, mainstream environmental organizations are
becoming America's largest private landowners and stand to become America's
largest producers of natural resources after they close down all other
corporations and small businesses which deal in natural resources.  Before
you write your report, ask your State Geologist and people in your
University's Geology Department about the potential for production of oil/gas
at the proposed Darby Refuge.


There is no other way around this.  To understand what is happening at Darby
you MUST educate yourself on environmental programs sponsored and promoted by
the United Nations.  The UN may seem like a distant and unconnected
organization, but in reality it is both root and trunk of the tree on which
the Darby Reserve is a branch.

The UN is a Socialist/Communist organization populated by America-haters both
within America and spread throughout the world.  Judged by its actions and
words, the UN goal is destruction of America and America's Constitutional
government, to be replaced by United Nations Global Government.  The
environmental movement is one part, and a very successful part, of the
assault on America.

America's government is structured:  God - People - Government.  The UN is
structured: Government - People.  America is ruled by law created "by the
consent of the governed."  The UN wants government "by rule of law," with all
laws created and enforced by the UN and obeyed by the People.

The environmental movement is an excellent vehicle for accomplishing the UN
goals.  Environmental activism stresses Ecosystem Management (do away with
private property), Endangered Species (control of public and private land),
Sustainable Development (authorization for government and environmental
organizations to dictate use of private property), and much more.  These
goals are cloaked in the mantle of Protecting The Environment, which is a
worthy activity and, indeed, a required activity for a civilization to
survive.  The problem is, Protecting The Environment has been thoroughly
corrupted and now really means Adopt Socialism and do away with our
Constitution and Constitutional protections of citizens and citizens'
property.  The United Nations claims to be working toward World Peace but
won't tell you that world peace will be produced by brutal suppression of
dissent and elimination of dissenters, Stalin-style.

Darby is part of The Wildlands Project.  Wildlands is a pet project of, and
was funded by, mainstream environmental organizations, including
environmental organizations active at Darby.  Wildlands was adopted by the
United Nations AGENDA 21 program as the preferred method for protecting
biodiversity and the environment.  Wildlands is being implemented as official
US Government Policy, a bit at a time, by Presidential Executive Order,
without Congressional approval.  Wildlands implementation requires complicity
of corrupt government and got a big boost during the Clinton Administration.

Wildlands, and United Nations Agenda 21, demand that HALF of the United
States be depopulated and returned to wilderness for benefit of wild plants
and animals.  Most of the remaining half of American land would come under
strict government control, essentially off-limits to everyone.  The human
population would be reduced to a "sustainable" level, with remaining humans
warehoused in high-rise government housing.  The desired effect is islands of
human habitation in a sea of wilderness.  As you do your research, you will
find this plan presented and promoted in documents from the UN, federal and
state governments, and environmental organizations.  It's in print and
available from official sources.  The official goal is eventual human racial
suicide, with return to feudalism along the way.  Not pretty.  Darby is part
of this.


The Christian Bible tells us that people are masters of the earth, that we
should go forth and multiply, that we are to use Nature for our needs, but
wisely.  That really irritates folks at the UN and in mainstream
environmental organizations.  Those folks want to trash Christianity and
Jesus, and substitute the ancient Greek earth goddess GAIA.  What's wrong
with that?  See Exodus 20, Commandment #1.  While you're at it,review the
other Commandments concerning lying, coveting, false witness, graven images,
and theft.  These pretty well define the shortcomings of the modern
environmental movement

The environmental movement is built on lies - - "50,000 species going
extinct every day."  "Global Warming will make us all fry like bacon"  "The
Ozone Hole will cause 100,000 additional skin cancers every year."  All I
haven't heard so far is "The sky is falling," and that's probably because too
many people would recognize the source.


You get the idea, so I'll end this letter now.  Darby cannot be studied in
isolation, only in global context.  It's not environmental protection, or
befriending wild birds.  Darby is part and parcel of a vicious, sneaky,
ongoing attack on America's people, customs, culture, economy, religion, and
Constitutional government.

I strongly suggest that you read the TRASHING THE ECONOMY book, and also read
the OZARKS BIOSPHERE report available on the internet.  At least read the
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of Ozarks Biosphere, to get a feeling for the utter
contempt with which government land-management agency officials hold private
property owners.

I also suggest that you contact the listed people who are active in the
Property Rights movement.  They can bring you up-to-date on what's happening
in their area and can give you a broader perspective on what's happening
nationally and globally.  Many of those people used to be in the
environmental movement years ago when it was called Conservation, but since
dropped out and joined the Property Rights movement when corruption of the
environmental movement became obvious.  "Conservation," the wise use of
natural resources, still is the right way to go.  "Environmentalism," the
denial of natural resources to use by humans, is a dead-end philosophy.

You have selected an excellent thesis topic, if that's what it is.  I want
to see a copy of your research results.  Best wishes, and stay in touch.

William Jud
(address not published here)
Fredericktown MO

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