Initiative 776 hires Bockwinkel for paid signature gathering drive

Spokane, WA 4/4/02  --  Sponsors of Initiative 776 announced today they were
hiring Sherry Bockwinkel's paid signature gathering firm Washington
Initiatives Now on Friday.  This follows on the heels of front-page
stories in newspapers uncovering the all-out anti-First Amendment effort
by Big Labor to stop Initiative 776 (the Seattle Times headline:
"E-mail reveals labor's plot to foil I-776").

"We're pulling out all the stops", said the co-sponsors of Initiative
776 in a joint statement.  "Because Big Labor has shown a complete
disregard for the law and have publicly admitted their conspiracy to
stop I-776, we're hiring Sherry to help supplement our volunteer
efforts.  We want I-776 qualified for the ballot as soon as possible."

"On Friday, we're signing the contract with WIN and transferring $40,000
to start the paid drive.  We want as many voters as possible to have the
chance to voluntarily sign I-776 petitions."

"Big Labor kicked a beehive BIG TIME with their despicable, anti-First
Amendment tactics.  We are getting inundated with emails and phone calls
from supporters offering financial support.  We are thankful to them.
We're gonna work our tails off to make sure voters get the chance to
vote on Initiative 776 '$30 Tabs for Everyone'."

Best Regards, Monte Benham, Jack Fagan, Mike Fagan, and Tim Eyman

Please send a check -- made payable to "I-776" -- to:

PO Box 6131


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