Open Letter to DNR Chief about RMAPs

TO: Doug Sutherland,
March 26, 2002

I must say I am disappointed by the decision to further obligate landowners in the state of Washington by mandating specific road plans to which they must comply.

Also, more broadly, it is sad to see you as part of an ever-tightening trend upon private property use.  I thought we got rid of the over-regulating Belcher mentality. I had hoped after hearing you speak at a local get together in Port Angeles we could trust you, with time, to repair damage done by her.

I would expect someone of Republican nature to reverse Belcher’s public land use protocols and come up with and implement ideas to encourage public land and resources use, but especially, restrain from going beyond public land oversight to infringe upon private property management! 

To the contrary why not begin a “Homestead Act of 2003” which would involve logging and clearing DNR property then offering small parcels of the land at reduced costs to families? Get them out of the city, not heard them in. What I’m saying by such a suggestion is that you are obviously moving policy in the wrong direction.


R.E. Plaske, Port Angeles, WA. 98363


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