Where your hard-earned tax dollars are spent

Washington, D.C. - 4/18/02 -  April 15 has come and gone, but the passing of tax day calls for a reassessment of how Americans' hard-earned tax dollars are spent.  The Institute for Policy Innovation recently released a study that analyzes the size of government and the negative impact this size has on economic growth.  Click here for more the report on The Most Expensive Government In World History 

For more see:
A $500 Billion Tax Windfall for the Federal Government .

This filing season marked the first time that Americans were able to get some real relief from burdensome taxes, thanks in large part to President Bush's tax cuts of last year.  Now many are pushing to have this legislation made permanent, so that rates become lower for all Americans.  For more on this read an action alert from the American Conservative Union  and Make Tax Relief Permanent from Americans for Tax Reform.

Much of the concern experienced by taxpayers this past week was on the complexity of filing.  In a study from the Taxpayers League Foundation , it was determined that 6 billion hours are used annually for tax paperwork in America.  It is this waste that has prompted groups like Citizens Against Government Waste  to call for "Scrapping the Tax Code."

For more on the issue of tax reform see Issues 2002: Tax Reform .


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