Fishermen work to recall California's Governor Davis


News Release from the Davis Recall Committee

The Associated Press reported today that Governor Davis has put up the "No-Fishing" sign up off the Channel Islands. According to the April 10th report, "Waters around the Channel Islands officially became part of one of the largest no-fishing zones in the United States on Wednesday, a move that pleased environmentalists and angered the fishing industry."

"The anglers of California will be standing in line to sign the recall petition," predicted Ted Costa who is chairman of the Davis Recall Committee. "We are sending packets of recall petitions and display materials to every bait and tackle shop that we could find in the state."

A recent letter from former State Senator Dick Mountjoy encouraged the fishing industry to join the recall battle. "I don't need any of your money, just some of your counter space," wrote Senator Mountjoy. "The assaults grow every day with massive Fish and Game staff reductions and new regulations that have brought many in the sports fishing industry to the brink of bankruptcy."

The Davis Recall Committee has until September 2, 2003 to collect 898,000 valid signatures on the recall petitions. Petitions can be downloaded from the Internet at Additional petitions, bumper stickers, signs and other supplies can be obtained by calling 1-800-501-8222


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