Forks mayor asks for help in sagging West End economy


KONP Radio

(Port Angeles, WA) Forks mayor Nedra Reed Monday asked the Port of Port Angeles for any help they could give to help bolster the sagging economy of the West End city.

The virtual demise of the timber industry has resulted in a high rate of joblessness, and a significant drop in revenues to run the city.

Perhaps the biggest problem faced by the city is the possible closing of Forks Hospital. The operating budget went from over $2- million dollars down to $34,000 in the past couple of years.

Forks will be a major part of the North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center, with its new building going up now in Port Angeles. Mayor Reed sees this as a major training opportunity for young people who need it.

Reed says, meanwhile, that people are leaving the Forks area, to go to the bigger cities, where the jobs and the money are. She hopes they will learn new skills, and return to their home town to help improve the economy.


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