Gov. Gary Locke Signs Public Works Bill to Create New Jobs Across the State

Press Release - Office of the Governor

OLYMPIA, WA- April 4, 2003 - Gov. Gary Locke today signed into law legislation
authorizing $71.7 million worth of public works projects and creating new
jobs across the state. The projects alone will create more than a thousand
jobs and will also leverage other sources of funds, thereby creating
thousands of jobs.

The bill (SHB 1063) contained an emergency clause that allows the
legislation to take effect immediately, funding 27 water, sewer, road and
bridge projects in the state. The projects were proposed by the Public
Works Board, which is required to submit a proposed project list to the
Legislature each year.

"This bill will create new jobs now while improving infrastructure for the
future," Locke said. "We need to move these dollars out as soon as possible
to put people to work and grow our economy."

Locke said his capital budget also creates thousands of new jobs, and he
once again called on the Legislature to pass his budget as soon as possible.
"We have an immediate opportunity to create jobs now, and we need to take
advantage of the summer construction season," he said.

Locke has been traveling the state for the past two months promoting his
capital budget. It supports new private-sector jobs at an annual average of
13,400 construction and related jobs during the next two fiscal years, and
11,000 jobs in the following two fiscal years.

These jobs would come from the $2.5 billion in spending for new public-works
funding, including $223 million in new construction at universities and $312
million at community and technical colleges through bonding against lottery
revenue and general obligation bonds.

The public works legislation the governor signed today also increases the
2001-03 biennial appropriation to the Public Works Board by $58 million to
$288 million ($206 million of this was used on last year's project list).
After spending the $71.7 million for this year's project list, the board
will have $11 million in remaining appropriation authority for planning and
emergency projects.

The Legislature created the Public Works Assistance Account in 1985 to
assist local governments and special purpose districts with financing the
repair, replacement or improvement of bridges, roads, water and sewer
systems, and solid waste and recycling facilities.

The revenue source for the account includes utility and sales taxes on
water, sewer and garbage service, and a portion of the real estate excise
tax. The account also receives revenue from repayments from past loans.

# # #

A complete list of this year's projects is attached.

1. Annapolis Water District Domestic Water Project -
Decommission wells 6 and 7, including removing equipment and sealing both
wells so that no water may flow freely between the aquifers or to the
surface. ($318,750)

2. Clark County Road Project - Construct approximately
seven-tenths of a mile of roadway, install erosion control materials,
realign adjoining street and roads, install traffic control devices and
signs, construct a bicycle path, make storm drainage improvements, replace
culverts, install ground control devices, add sidewalks, and make other
related improvements. ($1,400,000)

3. Highline Water District Domestic Water Project - Construct a
secondary source for the district's 600 zone, replace approximately
6,500-feet of pipe, construct approximately 1,000-feet of new transmission
pipe, and install the equipment to operate the system. It will also
rehabilitate a pump station and install the necessary systems to operate and
control the pump. ($749,700)

4. Karcher Creek Sewer District Sanitary Sewer Project -
Replace and relocate the Crownwood pump station. Necessary power and sewer
line connections will be made. All associated facilities, equipment,
controls, and related items will be constructed or installed to operate the
station safely and efficiently. ($425,000)

5. Puyallup Road Project - Improve approximately 700-feet of
roadway and construct approximately 1,000-feet of a new arterial street.
Approximately 1,200-feet of water line will be replaced. Approximately
4,000-feet of storm pipe will be installed and approximately 700-feet of
sewer line will be replaced. ($6,000,000)

6. Selah Sanitary Sewer Project - Upgrade its wastewater
treatment system by continuing a project to construct sludge handling,
treatment and dewatering facilities. The project includes the construction
of these facilities, buildings to house the facilities, and systems to
handle the wastewater. Other equipment and materials necessary to operate
and manage the facilities will be installed. ($1,128,400)

7. Williams Lake Sewer District #2 Sanitary Sewer Project -
Design and construct new septic tank effluent sewer collection and transport
system at the east end of Williams Lake. ($876,800)

8. Yakima Domestic Water Project - Improve its water system by
constructing a coagulation plant, rehabilitate and upgrade the filter
system, upgrade storage facilities, and install a generation system. All
associated controls and related equipment will be installed. ($2,694,500)

9. Friday Harbor Sanitary Sewer Project - Construct a new
secondary wastewater treatment plant. Facilities, equipment, material,
controls and related items will be constructed or installed to run the plant
at optimum performance. ($2,000,000)

10. Lake Chelan Reclamation District Sanitary Sewer Project -
Replace or rehabilitate approximately 30,000-feet of collector mains,
replace five lift stations, upgrade telemetry and odor control facilities,
install emergency generators, upgrade approximately 1,600 side sewer
services and resurface roadway as necessary. ($5,376,050)

11. Val Vue Sewer District Sanitary Sewer Project - Will remedy
problems associated with leaking manholes, rehabilitation of sewer mains,
installing emergency generators, installing sewer lines, and replacement of
side sewers. Other related equipment and material will be installed as
necessary to reduce infiltration of storm water and to ensure optimum
performance. ($1,301,350)

12. Spokane Sanitary Sewer Project - Rehabilitate the main line
of its sanitary sewer system in the Central Business District.
Approximately 36 pipe sections will be rehabilitated over a three-year
period. Other associated improvements will be made as needed. ($901,000)

13. Karcher Creek Sewer District Sanitary Sewer Project - Design
and construct a replacement collection system in the Beach Drive service
area. The project will replace approximately 5,400-feet of lateral sewer
pipe. A new sewer main will be constructed to convey sewage from the pump
station to the treatment plant. Other associated equipment and material
will be installed. ($807,500)

14. Mount Vernon Sanitary Sewer Project - Install approximately
500-feet of outfall pipe to the wastewater treatment system. Other related
equipment and material will be installed to ensure system works as designed.

15. City of Camas Road Project - Reconstruct and improve
approximately two and one-tenths miles of roadway. Improvements include
adding lanes, turn lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks and related signage,
lighting, erosion control and other components associated with a major urban
arterial. ($3,000,000)

16. Richland Domestic Water Project - Install water mains,
hydrants, control valves and related equipment. Decommissioned lines will
be sealed. Lines to the meters will be replaced. All sites disturbed by
the project will be rehabilitated. ($8,755,000)

17. City of Everett Sanitary Sewer Project - Install pumps and
wells to move and stage effluent, install transmission pipes, install
collection pipes, recondition existing pipe as needed, install at least one
railroad casing system and install other equipment and material necessary to
complete the transition to the Puget Sound outfall. ($5,490,000)

18. City of Cle Elum Sanitary Sewer Project - Construct a
regional wastewater treatment facility to serve the city of Cle Elum, the
city's urban growth area, the town of South Cle Elum, and a master planned
resort. Build or install all of the associated piping, storage and
treatment facilities. Construct or install related equipment. ($1,000,000)

19. Douglas County Sewer District 1 Sanitary Sewer Project -
Construct approximately two miles of a sewer interceptor line, 4,500-feet of
gravity-fed sewer lines, a 250-gallon-a-minute lift station and 5,800-feet
of force main (all figures are approximate). The district will install
controls and telemetry necessary to manage the system and will repair all
damage to the roadway. ($1,936,050)

20. Peshastin Water District Domestic Water Project - Replace
approximately four miles of distribution and transmission lines throughout
the district. Two wells will be rehabilitated, sources meters will be
installed, electrical and telemetry systems will be installed, a new pump
station will be constructed, and a new reservoir will be created.

21. Seattle Bridge Project - Construct new approaches to the
north and south ends of the Fremont Bridge and replace electrical and
mechanical equipment. Other related improvements necessary to enhance
public safety and use of the bridge will be made as part of this project.

22. City of Bremerton Sanitary Sewer Project - Design and
construct the improvements necessary to virtually eliminate the combined
sewer overflow that affects Anderson Cove. Approximately 12 separate
improvements to the flow diversion process will be implemented as a result
of the design work. ($475,000)

23. Cowlitz County Public Utility District 1 Domestic Water
Project - Replace approximately 50,000-feet of waterline on several streets
within the Upper Ostrander service area. Install fire hydrants and other
water line related equipment, replace a reservoir roof and make other
related system improvements. ($491,661)

24. City of Bonney Lake Domestic Water Project - Construct a
water treatment facility that includes a disinfection system. The project
also includes the installation of water mains. Corrosion control facilities
will be constructed, including storage tanks, pumps, metering and related
equipment. ($1,174,700)

25. City of Battle Ground Road Project Rehabilitate and improve
approximately one mile of West Main Street. Four through lanes will be
upgraded, a center turn lane will be installed, and bicycle paths will be
constructed along with curbs and sidewalks. Water and sewer facilities
running under the street will be upgraded and storm water drainage will be
improved. Traffic controls and signs will be installed as needed.

26. City of Enumclaw Sanitary Sewer Project - Upgrade and expand
its wastewater treatment plant by modifying the headworks, adding a
clarifier, constructing aeration basins, adding anaerobic basins and
clarifiers, constructing chemical facilities, installing dewatering
facilities, enlarging the laboratory, increasing plant capacity, and
modifying or upgrading related facilities and equipment. ($9,250,000)

27. West Richland Sanitary Sewer Project - Install approximately
32,000-feet of sewer pipe, install access sites, decommission a lagoon,
install a lift station, construct a lined irrigation canal crossing, repair
roadway disturbed by the project, and install equipment needed to ensure the
system operates as designed. ($1,800,000)

Total Project Cost: $71,666,061


Office of the Governor

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