Graving Yard dilemma continues



(Port Angeles, WA) -- Port of Port Angeles Commissioners Monday agreed to extend a Possession and Use Agreement with the state Department of Transportation, regarding the Port's property upon which will be built the graving yard. Originally, DOT planned on leasing the property, but in February, said they would like to buy it instead, at a price of at least $3-million dollars.

The current agreement expires as of May First, and the extension will run to August 31st, giving both parties more time to study the feasibility of the purchase of the property. The Port also plans to have an independent appraisal, to determine more exactly what the land is worth.

At the meeting was Pasko Bakotich, representing the Department of Transportation. Commissioner Glenn Beackman expressed his concern about the long period of time between usage of the graving yard for building the pontoons and anchors for the Hood Canal Bridge, and perhaps ten years down the line, when DOT might build the same things for the 520 bridge, spanning Lake Washington.

Beckman wanted some assurance that the yard would be used for other projects, whether or not it was owned by the DOT, or the Port. Bakotich wasn't clear on possible uses, but assured the Commissioners that if they owned the yard, they would keep it up, and try to keep it in use with other projects. In the meantime, DOT is working on answering the objections to the construction brought by Todd Shipyards of Seattle and some legislators from the Seattle area.


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