February 2009

Top Washington lawmaker says taxes are on the table - AP

Park trail easement approved - Questions raised about Commissioner Tharinger's financial benefit from moving dike - PDN

Shoreline plan stirs concern in Jefferson County - PDN

Joyce teen may win conservation district seat - Sequim Gazette

Local citizens turn out for proposed water restriction “rule” meeting; State agency questioned about loss of rights by the people - Citizen Review Online

Open Letter to Ecology disputes reasoning behind new restrictive water rules - by Marguerite Glover

Clallam may add its Emergency Management Division to sheriff's duties - PDN

Young Republican Leader and President of the Young Conservative Society, Mike Wiley, Jr. of Port Angeles, Elected in First Effort- Citizen Review Online

21 States join state sovereignty movements

U.S. backs Babylon heritage project - AP

Global Television for Our Future Global Leader - editorial by Cliff Kincaid

Goodbye, America! It Was Fun While It Lasted - Ann Coulter, for Human Events

Both sides on Border Patrol controversy demonstrate at key highway junction - PDN

Water limits raise fears about development; rule puts 500-gallon curb on new wells- PDN

New Hampshire Legislature introduces resolution affirming States’ rights

River team to discuss limits, fees - PDN

Counties in California say they've had enough – and they aren't going to take it anymore - Sacramento Bee

Washington State legislators put forward a bill to protect state's sovereignty

Clallam backs 38-acre farm project - PDN

EDITORIAL: Stimulating pork - Bill is beyond larded up - LVRJ

BlueRibbon Coalition expresses concerns about House vote on Omnibus Land Bill