Washington surprised by crazy weather - Traffic King captured various areas around town impacted by standing water in roadways.

August 6, 2004


SEATTLE, WA– People across Western Washington were cleaning up Friday evening after a heavy downpour caused major urban flooding.

The rain fell so fast and hard, it overwhelmed drainage systems, causing urban flash floods Friday afternoon.

While some areas got hit hard, others only saw light rain.

Rain pounded some places so heavily, there were reports of water reaching car doors and flooding basements.

Rain pounded the Shoreline Community Church where water came right through the flat roof, flooding classrooms in the basement.

In Lake Forest Park, rainwater swept into parts of an apartment complex.

Water in roadways turned into hazards for motorists.

Water in roads also impacted Friday afternoon rush hour.

Rain even forced the Navy Blue Angels to scrap their practice over Lake Washington.

By mid-evening, the worst of the storm was over.

East of the Cascades

Stormy weather also triggered problems east of the Cascades in Washington Friday.

Thunder, lightning, rain and even hail slammed parts of the Inland Northwest earlier Friday.

In Spokane, the weather triggered dozens of scattered power outages and car accidents.


Jim Forman reports on the downpours

Lightning caused a scare for people at a youth soccer tournament in Spokane Valley. Games were underway when lightning hit power lines in the area. Witnesses said they saw a flash that arced off the lines and hit a woman standing nearby. The woman was transported to a hospital; her condition is unknown.



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