The Clallam County Home Rule Charter states, in Section 8:20 - "The first power reserved to the people is the initiative.  Any ordinance or amendment to an ordinance may be proposed to the commissioners by the people by filing with the Auditor an initiative petition.  Provided, that no ordinance shall be initiated providing for the compensation or working conditions or county employees, authorizing and repealing of taxes, appropriating money, adopting the annual budget or capital program, redistricting the county commissioner districts, or passing an emergency ordinance."

Section 8.50: Initiative - Action by Commissioners - states "The Commissioners shall consider the proposed ordinance.  They shall hold a public hearing and shall adopt or reject the petition on a roll call vote.  If the proposed ordinance is not enacted within sixty (60) days after its introduction, it shall be submitted to the voters at the next regular or special election provided that at least 105 days have elapsed between the introduction of the proposed ordinance and the election...."

Initiative 6 has met all the proper criteria to go on the ballot.


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