A quiet, unnoticed war: ESA designations allow federal government to gain complete control over how land - and adjacent property - is used

TRACKSIDE    (c)    by John D'Aloia Jr.
August 31, 2002

How ironic! A paper publishing last week’s TRACKSIDE entitled it "A quiet, unnoticed war." Published opposite was an article headlined: "USF&WS seeks habitat designation for ‘Shiner.’" It was so kind of the editor to provide a local example of the war being waged against private property rights by the Guardians. A habitat designation for the poor Topeka shiner, a small fish, seems so innocuous. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Once the designation is made under the Endangered Species Act, the federal government - and the eco-fascists pulling the fed’s strings - gain complete control over how the land within the habitat’s boundaries can be used, and control over adjacent land when activities on the land are deemed to have an adverse impact on the critical habitat. Designating critical habitat is a standard tactic for Wildlands Project disciples, a first step toward ultimately locking up the land and banning its use by humans.

The article noted that the critical habitat proposed covered 186 stream segments. Does not sound all that bad, does it. Unfortunately, the 186 stream segments encompass 2,230 river-miles in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, and South Dakota according to a gloating press release issued by the Center for Biological Diversity, a co-plaintiff along with the Biodiversity Legal Foundation in the law suit that forced the feds to propose the designation of Topeka shiner critical habitat. Laid out over our dendritic and mature stream patterns, the designation, if it is adopted as proposed, will spread the fed’s control over many thousands of square miles.

The courts are a prime battlefield in the war. The greens are adept at suing The Clerks and getting them to rollover to do what they wanted to do in the first place. The Biodiversity Legal Foundation and the Center for Biological Diversity are just two of the point-men in the campaign to gain control of your property - and thus make you dependent on the Guardians for your very existence. If you doubt that ESA-based law suits represent much of a threat to your constitutional rights - or your life, do a web search for articles mentioning either of these two groups. You will be inundated, with article after article describing law suits brought to use a critter and the ESA to gain dominion over coveted land, from Tumbling Creek cavesnails to Columbian sharp tailed grouse, from white marlins to Preble’s jumping mice, from Selkirk Grizzly bears to Scaleshell mussels, from Carson wandering skippers (a butterfly) to the Spalding catchfly (a plant.) A good portion of the country is already caught in the ESA web. At the rate the suits are being brought, the Wildlands Project will come to fruition faster than its creators could have dreamed. (A year ago, TRACKSIDE reported that the Center for Biological Diversity had filed an ESA lawsuit every 32 days for the past five years and had 32 lawsuits in progress covering more than 80 million acres. They have not slackened their pace, including a law suit to prevent the use of the mosquito-killing pesticide fenthion - West Nile anyone?)

Let me refresh your memory regarding how Karl Marx proposed the establishment of a communistic state in western democracies. Wait! Please do not tune out. Yes, the descriptive name communism may be out of vogue, but its tenets live on in its current adherents, the Guardians who believe they are preordained to lord it over their fellow citizens. The Guardians are very much alive and working to eliminate your freedom. Marx taught that to gain power, the state had to control the land and tear apart the family. Through the course of recent history, the strategy to come to absolute power has been to create doubt and confusion in the existing society and political system, then step in as the savior. Once in power, the mask comes off and tyranny descends on the land. Repeatedly, the Guardians have centered their machinations on the family and on private property.

The ownership of land is the cornerstone for economic freedom and the cohesiveness of the family is the bulwark of our society. With the environmental laws that have been imposed on us, allowing the "well-being" of Gaia and critters to trump private property rights, the Guardians are slowly but inexorably applying Marx’s get-control-of-all-land tenet. Our Guardians are also waging a war against the American family, this time wearing not a green crown, but their self-designed tiara of political correctness adorned with multi-culturalism, diversity, and relativism. The war is just as real as the war to strip you of your ability to own land and use it for your own benefit. Perhaps next week this machine in front of me will talk to the tactics and battles in the war on the family.


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