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Help the residents of Santa Barbara County fight national park designation


posted 8/17/02

You needn't live in California to stand up with your neighbors, friends and
family there -- this is happening EVERYWHERE, and we MUST stand with each
other! Just sending an email will help!

California! August 19, 2002 Forum

*****  Land Grabbers on Parade!  *****

The National Park Service (NPS) is sponsoring a Forum on how to cooperate
with property owners.

And get this -- they promise not to raid anyone's home and shoot and kill
them (as they did to Donald Scott in the Santa Monica Mountains National
Recreation Area), invade their property with a pre-dawn attack using black
helicopters (like they did to the ranching families at Channel Islands
National Park), or run them out of business (like at Point Reyes National

At least, not during the Forum.

So check your guns at the door and COME ON IN!

DATE:  Monday, August 19, 2002

LOCATION:  the Marriott Hotel in Buellton, CA

TIME: 9am to 4:45pm.  You don't have to be there the whole day -- just stay
long enough for a panel or two, ask questions, and make your voice heard!

WHAT:  Forum being sponsored by the NPS -- check out

for the latest agenda changes and information.

Speakers include the Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club, the National Park
Service, and a bunch of others.  There are a couple of folks on our side, but
does it sound like a stacked deck?  You're getting the picture!

WHY: The NPS has been attempting to jam a national park down the throats of
Santa Barbara County residents for the past three years.  It is a real
whopper - 215,000 acres of prime real estate, including farms, ranches,
residences and even Vandenberg Air Force Base.  The vehicle for this has been
something called the Gaviota Coast Feasibility Study.

The NPS is accepting public comments for the Study until September
1, 2002, and will be recording this event for the public record.

SEE ACTION ITEM BELOW -- even if you can't make it, PLEASE make an email, fax
or mailed in statement supporting "Alternative One."

Due to overwhelming local opposition, the NPS high and mighty have been
forced to come down from their thrones in their Denver and Washington, DC
offices and deal with the "little people" -- like us, the ones actually
impacted by the decisions.

YOU can give them a piece of your mind on this or any other subject for
that matter this coming Monday, August 19.


Here is a sampling of entities that have sent in letters of opposition to
the national park proposal -- THREE city councils, FOUR chambers of
commerce, SIX agricultural organizations, TWO school boards, TWO
taxpayer groups, THREE property owner coalitions, and TWO county
supervisors who represent the Study Area.

One other supervisor, who represents part of the study area, refused to fight
the park, and now faces a recall election after 14,000 constituents signed
petitions requesting the recall!

PLEASE  -  include the term "Alternative One" in whatever you send


-  The area is already protected.  Santa Barbara County  ALREADY  suffers
under some of the strictest local and state land use controls in the entire
United States, as well as several land trusts who can offer conservation
easements if that is what people want.

-  The National Park Service has a five  BILLION  dollar maintenance
backlog.  It should clean up its mess before grabbing any more land!

-  NPS is hostile to agricultural operations and will run people out of
business who dare to challenge its "management plan" for the entire region.

-  NPS is anti-private property, and threatens landowners with inholdings
within park boundaries and property outside as well.  It claims buffer zones
for everything from endangered species to viewsheds.

-  GET  OUT!!!  Mind you own business!  Go Home!

SEND  comments to:

Regular Mail:
Gaviota Coast Feasibility Study
National Park Service
1111 Jackson Street, #700
Oakland, CA  94607

Fax number:  510-817-1505

Email for comments: pgso_gaviota
(note - there is an underscore between pgso and gaviota)

THANK  YOU  for helping out fellow supporters of private property, Truth,
Justice and the American Way!  They will be there for you down the road!

Please forward to your friends and allies.

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