Coalition president responds to name-calling used against property rights advocates by county supervisor


letter to The Tucson Citizen (Tucson, AZ)
posted 8/18/02

The members of the Pima County Coalition For Multiple Use, myself included, have been unjustly attacked by Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson. Its members and I have been labeled by Bronson as "extreme, right-wing, radical, private property supporters." We need to dissect these names to see the truth behind the slander.
Extreme? No. I support the United States and the state of Arizona constitutions. I believe we have the right to live, raise families, own property, choose our recreational activities and work at the trades and businesses of our choice and heritage. Supervisor Bronson appears to be a puppet for the radical green left. She is listed by the Sierra Club as an environmental "activist," "agitator" and presently an "inside advocate" promoting their extreme green agenda.
Right wing? No. If Bronson had bothered to look up my voter-registration records, she would know I left the Democratic party in 1985. Does this mean anyone who left the Demos during the '80s and '90s, leftist movement is "right wing"? No. Remember, Supervisor Ray Carroll left the Democratic Party in the mid-'90s and became a Republican. Is he a "right wing extremist"? No.
Radical? No. The Members of PCCMU believe in common sense environmental laws and regulations. At the same time we realize we must have light, medium and heavy industry to create jobs and support the economy.
Property rights supporter? You bet. We support the right of landowners to be fully paid in real money the full market value if the government ever decides to take their property or reduce development rights. Bronson believes the county government should have full control over your property, your right to build a home and the amount of your property you can use for recreational purposes, gardening and landscaping.
Bronson needs a reality check, this is still America, isn't it?

- Glynn A. Burkhardt
Pima County Coalition For Multiple Use

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