Development-rights 'bank' stops plan for more homes

By: Barry Rochford
Snoqualmie Valley Record

August 01, 2002

CARNATION, WA - Expect more land to be preserved as open space in the future through a King County program that keeps it free from development, but still managed by a private landowner.

The county's Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program was responsible for the $2.8 million purchase of development rights and a conservation easement for the 443-acre Ames Lake Forest, which is owned by the Port Blakely Cos. 

Under the terms of the deal, which was announced Wednesday, July 24, Port Blakely will continue to own the Ames Lake Forest, but a proposed development of about 70 large houses and a golf course - plans had already been submitted to King County - will not be constructed.

(Balance of story in printed edition of the Snoqualie Valley Record)

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