Oregon Public Learns About "Taxing Ted's" Record - State  ranked last in job creation, while budget grew nearly 16%

Citizens for a Sound Economy

8/31/02 - As the Oregon gubernatorial race heats-up, Citizens for a Sound Economy has launched a $150,000 advertising and grassroots campaign to educate citizens about Democratic candidate Ted Kulongoski's record in support of higher taxes.  On numerous occasions, Kulongoski has told media outlets like The Oregonian that he favors higher income taxes and higher car taxes.  He's just one more typical tax and spend politician looking for higher office.

Oregon's economy is already struggling.  Recently, Oregon was ranked last out of all states in job creation, while Oregon's budget grew by nearly 16 percent over the last two years.  Oregon's government has grown by a whopping 114 percent in the last decade!  The last thing Oregon families need is more government and higher taxes.

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