And Ralph Tyler Part 2

By Charlene Sanders
Published 08. 12. 02 at 1:26 Sierra Time


Continuing from Part 1, this information comes from Christian educator and minister Dean Gotcher. Christians are indebted to Mr. Gotcher for his work in the area of exposing Outcome Based Education as a form of behavioral conditioning rather than education and the moving of our society toward a dialectic mindset. You may contact Mr. Gotcher at:

"SOME FORM OF COMMUNITY COUNSEL" is Ralph Tyler's way of avoiding the outright use of the term "Soviet," "A diverse group of people, etc." In T. Walter Wallbank's history book Western Perspectives, 1973 p. 435, we find the definition of Tyler's form of soviet as an "established federal system of government based on a succession of soviets which were set up in the villages, factories, and cities and in larger regions…governed by the communist party." One needs to know that when Democrats and Republicans make policy by the consensus process there is only party - - Communist.

"ASSESS EDUCATIONAL NEEDS" To assess is to determine the worth of something. Thus someone is determining first what education needs are, and according to Ralph Tyler ( a progressivist), it is to propagate socialism, and then to determine the importance of value of the community's present education system. You assess values (dialectic); you measure knowledge (didactic).

"ACTUAL AND POTENTIAL RESOURCES" When Higher Order Thinking Skills (which are used on natural resources to turn elements, for example, into Boeing 747's) are used on souls ( those beings God breathed the breath of life into the nostrils of); the Citizens of a country become material resources no different than iron ore, etc.

Therefore actual resources are those people already dissatisfied with or critical of the current Constitutional Republic form of government with its traditional, patriarchal education system and are immediately pliable to the new soviet global society and its transformational, matriarchal education system. Potential resources are people who are content with the present system. They, according to the process, are only concerned about their own self interests (capitalism) and need to become interested in social interest (communism).

"OUTLINE OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS" There are over ten Regional Training Laboratories across our nation training facilitators on how to carry out this socialist education program. The first Laboratory, begun in 1947, established the original outline which is still being "pushed" today.

"TASK FORCES OR COUNCILS" Since the Governors' Conferences of the late 80's under then President Bush, Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas facilitated the governors of the United States into taking back to their states "Task Forces or Councils" to facilitate the soviet system over their traditional Constitutional Republic form of education and workplace system.

"LARGER METROPOLITAN AREA OR REGION" The portions of government, such as county, which were not accessible to the soviet system were usurped by regional councils. In the course of things the states were treated in the same way, falling under the control of regional councils. This was an effective way to undermine the rights of the citizens and prevent their stopping the progressive development of the soviet system.

"CANNOT BE MET WELL" The top down form of socialist government had to replace the limited form of government our Constitutional Republic afforded to the States and local communities. The tool to accomplish the restructuring of government was the focus upon the satisfaction of local communities felt needs. Needs which were global in nature, tying all communities into the global community. Once having identified itself to these needs, yet unable to satisfy them by their own means, all communities which received soviet money instantly abdicated their sovereign rights and fell under the jurisdiction of the soviet system above them.

Quotes by Ralph Tyler:

"At the state level, legislation should be enacted to authorize these community and metropolitan organizations, to express the policy of the state, to encourage and provide support for the development and maintenance of a comprehensive educational system, and to repeal any existing legislation which limits educational programs to those within the school or within certain specified time periods."

"The American public is not likely to vote the taxes required to furnish professionals to guide the education of children and youth in the many hours when they are not in school. Volunteer leaders can be secured as has been demonstrated by out of school educational organizations like the 4Hclubs, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and the Junior Achievement Program."

Dean's closing statements on Ralph Tyler:

Ralph Tyler was a diehard socialist. He believed in a soviet-based society on a global scale. He successfully brought the progressive movement of the early 30's into the 90's. Socialist such as Leon Festinger, James Coleman and Thomas Kuhn worked under him as they developed their books, which are still be used today to justify "terrorism" in the classroom (Cognitive Dissonance), to justify the Supreme Court's decision in removing parents' God given rights over their children (Equality of Opportunity), and to justify war on the traditional minded, capitalist, American citizen (Paradigm Shift).

Tyler was skilled in hiding his agenda, coding everything in double speak, so the innocent would read him as one of them, while socialist wolves would know he was one of them. Although some deceived "conservative" intellectuals might consider him a kind and caring man, he was instead an evil man – one with a passion for a diabolic global socialist system. School-To-Work was Ralph Tyler's dream.

Although called by other names STW is universally recognized by its outcome – human slavery. What does America know about Ralph Tyler's dream? What does it care? Currently it seems to be enjoying his lie: "Trust us. We are here to help you." Once all the laws are in though, it will be living in Ralph Tyler's Evil Dream. If you do not wish to live in his world of illusion you must speak now or forever, at least in this life, hold your peace.

Dean Gotcher
Institution for Authority Research
Box 233
Herndon, Kansas 67739

Transcribed by
Charlene Sanders
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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