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(Port Angeles) - Candidate filing for the 2003 fall election season is closed at the Clallam County Auditor's Office. Friday, four new candidates filed for positions on the Port Angeles School Board. Incumbent School Board president Charlie McClain now has two challenges for his position after Kathy Gonzales filed today. Pete Peterson filed for McClain's spot on the District 121 board on Wednesday. Incumbent Port Angeles School Director Jessica Schreiber also has two challengers. Chandra Huston and CindyLou Vedin Romberg signed up for spots on the ballot against Schreiber today. Five new candidates emerged on Friday for the Crescent School Board. Nina Barnes-Thomas filed yesterday to run against Tracey Grover and Gary Kautz for Director Position One.

Three of the new candidates filed against Judy Moilanen on Friday for Director Position Two-- Susan Hopper, "Big Bill" Thomas and John Halberg. Jeff Baillargeon will be challenged by Anne Chastain for Crescent School Director Position 3.

Tad Price filed Friday to challenge John M. Calhoun for a spot on the Port of Port Angeles Commission -- one of them will replace Glenn Beckman on the Board. Former Port Angeles Public Works Director Jack Pittis is now a candidate for the Port Angeles City Council. Pittis filed to run for Council Position 2 against Tricia Smith Barrett and Cherie Kidd. Two contested races surfaced Friday for the Sequim School Board. Sarah Bedinger filed today to run against David McHugh for School Director District 4. Walter L Johnson signed up yesterday for a contest with Suzi Schmidt for School Director District 5. Another last minute candidate yesterday was Dave Blake, filing to fill a 2 year unexpired term for Sequim School Director District 3. Sequim City Councilwoman Patricia Kasovia-Schmitt faces an election challenge after Scott T. Moore filed for office. Olympic Medical Center Commissioner Arlene Engel filed today to retain her position on the Hospital District 2 board. Jim Leskinovich now has a challenger for the Commissioner at Large position on the OMC board. Harold Buck filed against Leskinovich today. Clallam County's Director of Community Development has thrown his hat in the ring to retain his job this fall as his position will be elected by the public. Bob Martin joins John H. Miller and Rob Robertson on the fall ballot for the DCD director's job. Martin has served as the appointed Community Development Director for years. Last fall, Clallam County voters approved a change to the Home Rule Charter that made the DCD head an elected position. In other filings today, Gary Coffey applied to run for Fire District 3 Commissioner 1. Patricia Kasovia-Schmitt has filed to retain her position on the Sequim City Council. Arthur Hoefer will run for Sunland Water District Commissioner District 3.
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*All offices are non-partisan unless party designation is noted.

County Commissioner

District No. 1

4 year term

Steve Tharinger-Dem 2747 Towne Rd, Sequim 360-683-6480 28-Jul

Sue Forde-Rep PO Box 3457, Sequim 360-681-3880 28-Jul

Director of Dept. of Comm. Development 3 year term

Rob Robertsen 3755 Deer Park Rd, Port Angeles 360-457-4409 28-Jul

John H. Miller 2832 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Port Angeles 360-457-8347 30-Jul

Bob Martin PO Box 2406, Sequim 360-582-9514 31-Jul


Commissioner District No. 3 6 year term

John M. Calhoun PO Box 1882, Forks 360-327-3833 28-Jul

Tad Price PO Box 555, Port Angeles 360-457-0661 1-Aug


Commissioner District No. 3 6 year term

Don Lawley PO Box 149, Forks 360-327-3787 1-Aug


Commissioner District No.1 Position 2 6 year term

Arlene Engel PO Box 250, Port Angeles 360-683-3496 1-Aug

Commissioner District No. 3 Position 1 short & 6 year term

Jim Cammack 401 Maple Grove Rd., Port Angeles 360-928-3197 28-Jul

Commissioner at Large 6 year term

Jim Leskinovitch 82 Henry Boyd Rd, Port Angeles 360-417-0255 28-Jul

Harold S. Buck 111 Whidby, Port Angeles 360-457-5210 1-Aug


Director Position 1 4 year term

Charlie McClain 2002 W 7th St, Port Angeles 28-Jul

Pete Peterson 2039 W. 6th St., Port Angeles 360-457-9571 30-Jul

Kathy Anita Gonzales 1005 South H St., Port Angeles 360-457-0814 1-Aug

Director Position 2 4 year term

Jeffrey Hinds 110 Coppertop Trail, Port Angeles 360-457-5399 28-Jul

John O'Rourke 1131 W 9th St #1, Port Angeles 360-565-0257 1-Aug

Director Position 3 4 year term

Jessica Schreiber 3161 Greentree Ln, Port Angeles 360-452-3231 30-Jul

CindyLou Vedin Romberg 574 Old Olympic Hwy, Port Angeles 360-417-1679 1-Aug

Chandra (Sandy) Huston 131 Apple Ln, Port Angeles 360-452-2954 1-Aug


Director Position 1 4 year term

Gary Kautz PO Box 14, Joyce 360-928-3647 28-Jul

Tracey Grover 271 W Lyre River Rd., Port Angeles 360-928-3135 29-Jul

Nina L. Barnes-Thomas PO Box 150, Joyce 360-928-3882 1-Aug

Director Position 2 4 year term

Judy Moilanen 142 Lewallen Rd, Port Angeles 360-928-3657 28-Jul

Susan D. Hopper 277 Bishop Rd., Port Angeles 360-928-3878 1-Aug

"Big Bill" Thomas PO Box 150, Joyce 360-928-3882 1-Aug

John V. Halberg 1507 East Beach Rd., Port Angeles 360-928-3341 1-Aug

Director Position 3 4 year term

Jeff Baillargeon 427 Liljedahl Rd, Port Angeles 360-928-1057 28-Jul

Anne Chastain PO Box 159, Joyce 360-928-9755 1-Aug


Director District 2 4 year term

June Robinson 941 E Alder, Sequim 360-681-0674 28-Jul

Director District 3 2 year unexpired term

Dave Blake 15 Mockingbird Ln., Sequim 360-683-6053 1-Aug

Director District 4 4 year term

David R. McHugh PO Box 2770, Sequim 360-683-7931 28-Jul

Sarah Bedinger 277 W. Nelson Rd., Sequim 360-683-4251 1-Aug

Director District 5 4 year term

Suzi W. Schmidt 80 South Solmar Dr., Sequim 360-683-4215 29-Jul

Walter L. Johnson 310 Spath Rd, Sequim 360-582-0272 1-Aug


Director District 2 4 year term

Gregory A. Colfax PO Box 327, Neah Bay 360-645-2564 31-Jul

Director District 4 4 year term

Dudley P. Eubank P O Box 205, Sekiu 360-963-2732 31-Jul

Director District 5 4 year term


Director District 1 (Jefferson County) 4 year term

David L. Dickson 9772 Oil City Rd, Forks 360-374-2553 30-Jul

Director District 3 4 year term

Bill Rohde 251 Lupine Ave, Forks 360-374-6650 30-Jul

Director District 5 4 year term

Paul Headley 332 Elk Valley Rd, Forks 360-374-9655 1-Aug


Commissioner District 2 6 year term

A. Jerry Schwagler 233 Alice Rd, Port Angeles 360-457-1809 30-Jul


Commissioner District 3 6 year term

Arthur P. Hoefer 107 Prater Place, Sequim 360-681-0147 31-Jul


Commissioner Position 1 6 year term

Commissioner Position 2 short & 4 year full term


Commissioner Position 1 6 year term

David R. Whitney 1792 Black Diamond Rd, Port Angeles 360-457-6028 28-Jul


Commissioner Position 1 short & 6 year term

Gary L. Coffey 823 Fox Hollow Rd., Sequim 360-683-7161 31-Jul

Commissioner Position 3 short & 2 year unexpired term

Richard Houts 133 Penny Ln, Sequim 360-582-3860 29-Jul


Commissioner Position 1 6 year term

Melvin Wilson PO Box 4, Joyce 360-928-3516 29-Jul


Commissioner Position 1 short & 4 year unexpired term

Greg McMahon 8353 Hoko Ozette Rd, Clallam Bay 360-963-2982 29-Jul

Commissioner Position 2 2 year unexpired term

Donald P. Higgins 113 Dawns Ridge Rd, Sekiu 360-963-2498 29-Jul

Commissioner Position 3 6 year term

Herbert Olsen PO Box 156, Sekiu 360-963-2647 29-Jul


Commissioner Position 1 6 year term

Joseph Seymour 445 Three Rivers Rd, Forks 360-374-6443 28-Jul


Commissioner Position 1 4 year term

Melinda E. Griffith 206 Sanford Ln, Sequim 29-Jul

Commissioner Position 2 4 year term

Bill Black PO Box 1930, Sequim 360-681-4422 30-Jul

Commissioner Position 3 4 year term

Bill Hixson 101 Victoria Ct, Sequim 360-681-8841 28-Jul


Commissioner Position 1 4 year term

Barbara J. Gronseth PO Box 540, Forks 360-374-6609 29-Jul

Commissioner Position 2 4 year term

Jo Ann Allen PO Box 997, Forks 360-374-9090 1-Aug

Commissioner Position 3 short & 2 year unexpired term

Janet A. Hughes PO Box 720, Forks 360-374-5470 29-Jul

Commissioner Position 4 4 year term

Sandra L. Carter PO Box 1208, Forks 360-374-7533 29-Jul


Council Position 1 4 year term

Peter Ripley 114 E. 6th St.#102, Port Angeles 29-Jul

Lauren Erickson 607 South Chase #C, Port Angeles 360-417-2401 29-Jul

Council Position 2 4 year term

Tricia Smith Barrett 529 E. 11th St, Port Angeles 360-457-1317 29-Jul

Jack Pittis PO Box 3041, Port Angeles 360-457-3078 31-Aug

Cherie Kidd 101 E 10th St., Port Angeles 360-457-0226 1-Aug

Council Position 3 4 year term

Grant J. Munro 1765 E. Woodhaven Ln, Port Angeles 360-452-1583 28-Jul

Fred Norton 1807 E 3rd St, Port Angeles 360-452-0777 28-Jul


Council Position 1 4 year term

John E. Beitzel PO Box 3996, Sequim 360-681-0510 28-Jul

Council Position 2 short & 4 year full term

Patricia Kasovia-Schmitt 742 Spyglass Ln, Sequim 360-681-0632 31-Jul

Scott T. Moore 517 W. Fir, Sequim 360-683-7990 1-Aug

Council Position 3 short & 4 year full term

Ron Farquhar 250 Coral Dr, Sequim 360-683-7646 28-Jul

Council Position 4 short & 4 year full term

Don Hall 912 E Oak St, Sequim 360-681-4383 28-Jul

R.L. "Dick" Foster P O Box 2622, Sequim 360-683-6519 30-Jul


Council Position 1 4 year term

Council Position 2 4 year term Arthur A. Anderson 35 Andersonville Ave, Forks 360-374-9836 31-Jul

Council Position 3 4 year term


Last minute twists hit Port; city election races

Peninsula News Network


No last-minute surprises in the Clallam County races, but a twist or two in the local city council and school board contests as the filing period closes for this fall’s elections.

Election 2003 filings
County commissioner

Steve Tharinger (D)
Sue Forde (R)

DCD Director

Rob Robertson
John Miller
Bob Martin

The three men will run off in the September Primary election, with the top two vote-getters advancing to General election.

The biggest development of the afternoon had to be in the Port Angeles city council races, as a man with more experience around city hall than most anyone else decides to continue his public service, from the opposite side of the council chamber.

Jack Pittis filed Friday for the race for council position 2, the seat being vacated by Port Angeles Mayor Glenn Wiggins. Pittis had a long record of working at city hall. He was the Port Angeles Public Works Director from 1980 to the late 1990s. After he retired, he filled in for a time as City Manager in Sequim but didn’t take the post permanently because it would have interfered with his retirement package, although the council had considered him as a finalist for the post.

Since that time, Pittis has been doing a variety of consulting work, including leadership for a national public works engineers’ group, and serving on the Port Angeles planning commission.

With Pittis filing, here’s how the PA council races shape up:

Lauren Erickson Position 1
Peter Ripley Position 1

Jack Pittis Position 2
Tricia Smith Barrett Position 2
Cherie Kidd Position 2

Grant Munro Position 3
Fred Norton Position 3

Kidd was a last minute addition to the roster, filing in the closing hour for the Position 2 race. She’s a Port Angeles native who recently returned after a successful career in the southeast in entertainment, business and politics.

For the Sequim city council, two of the four incumbents, Patricia Schmitt and Don Hall, draw challengers:

John Beitzel Position 1

Patricia Schmitt Position 2
Scott Moore Position 2

Ron Farquhar Position 3

Don Hall Position 4
R.L. “Dick” Foster Position 4

One of the big developments in the closing minutes, was Tad Price’s filing to run for the Port of Port Angeles commission. Throughout the week, John Calhoun of Forks had been alone in his bid to run for the seat being vacated by two-term Commissioner Glenn Beckman. However, Price filled for the race with just minutes to spare. We had been expecting Price to run for city council, since he had made a good showing in the council races two years ago and had talked about running again. Both Calhoun and Price have backgrounds in the timber industry.

John Calhoun Port Commissioner
Tad Price Port Commissioner

There is also a lot of activity to report in the races for Port Angeles school board, which saw every race move into contention by the time filing closed.

For Position 1, incumbent Charlie McClain will be challenged by Kathy Anita Gonzales and Pete Peterson. For Position 2, Jeff Hinds will face John O’Rourke. And for Position 3, incumbent Jessica Schreiber will face two candidates in her attempt to be elected to a full term. Chandra “Sandy” Huston and CindyLou Romberg both declared their candidacy on Friday. We had been expecting some competition to develop for those school board race because of the debate stirred up by recent budget cuts for Port Angeles schools.

In the Sequim school board races, incumbent June Robinson will run unopposed for another term, as will incumbent Dave Blake. But her colleague will both face challengers. Dave McHugh will run against Sarah Bedinger and Suzi Schmidt will face a challenge from Walter Johnson.

You can see the complete listing of county filings at the Clallam County website .


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