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If wolves are introduced into Oregon...

Following is a 5 minute presentation that Sharon Beck made to the Oregon Bar Association as one of five invited panelists.  The assignment was to talk about the effects on ranchers if wolves are introduced into Oregon. Following each presentation was 7 minutes for Q&A of each speaker. 

Sharon Beck, OCA Wolf Task Force Co-chair
Oregon Cattlemen's Association


Introducing wolves into Oregon via the Oregon ESA and the “wolf plan” as intended by the Fish and Wildlife Commission at the behest of environmental and animal rights advocates, who in some cases may be one and the same, will have a devastating effect on my industry.  Positively devastating!…that’s the short answer…if wolves are allowed to migrate to Oregon not only as federally protected species but as a state endangered species it will not only devastate ranchers it will be a body blow to state’s rights, local government’s rights and individual rights. 


Understanding the organized agenda of the wolf advocates isn’t difficult. It isn’t subtle and it doesn’t have much to do with wolves. It has more to do with land control and control of human behavior. Neither has it to do with “balance of nature”.  Wolves are being used as a biological weapon to achieve a social, economic and political agenda.


Einstein said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  Wolf introduction defines insanity.  We know wolves will eat wild ungulates to the point that regional hunting seasons will be terminated; they will eat livestock to the point that individual operations will no longer be viable.  They will impact communities economically and they will destroy families emotionally just as they have in the states where they have been introduced presently.  But perhaps worst of all is the impact of precedence in the natural process of government growth.  Government can increase its power only by diminishing the power of its citizens.


Many agree that of all the words ever written about America’s form of government, none is more important than these: “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed…”  This principle is firmly established in the Declaration of Independence and defined in the U.S. Constitution.


We have allowed government to expand its power, usurping power that rightfully belongs to the people.  No better example exists than the Endangered Species Act. You have heard the justice department say that the Oregon ESA basically trumps all other state laws including individual rights to protect one’s property. If that is allowed to stand why would it be a stretch for you to one day wake up and find that the government has given away one of the rooms in your house to a homeless person.  You are expected to provide for his needs, and if you witness the person molesting your children or frying up the family dog, your only recourse is to telephone the authorities and ask them for relief.  If their response is akin to wildlife agencies for wolves attacking my livestock they will tell you to preserve any evidence and they will send out an expert on homeless people from the department of human services.  If the expert can verify that their homeless person assigned to you was indeed in the neighborhood at the time you witnessed your dog being dinner, they will give you the opportunity to prove HP killed your dog. The government will investigate to see if your dog was already dead before he was eaten in which case your HP is merely scavenging.  HP advocates will suggest that you should be cited for leaving meat on the premises in order to attract the homeless.  They advocate that you hire a nanny to watch the kids and the pets in another part of the house so that your homeless person can stay undisturbed in his part. They will hold big fund raisers by telling the public that they are going to help pay for your nanny to save the homeless.  They may even pay a little of your costs for awhile.  While the investigation goes on you may lie in bed sleepless, wondering if you or your neighbors will wake in the morning to find traumatized children or more missing family pets. 


What would you do to get the homeless person out of your life?



Marxist doctrine says socialism is a stage of society between capitalism and communism where private ownership and control over property are eliminated.  If the public gets to comment on whether or not we can protect our property, or if the government can make laws preventing us from protecting our property we are practicing socialism in America!!


If it’s possible for the government to take my peace of mind, my rights in property, my liberty, by convolving the Endangered Species Act with the Constitution and Bill of Rights why is it not possible for them to take every American’s?


That’s been underlying the environmentalist’s agenda all along of course.  Their silent revolution is over....and we lost. The question is, are there enough of us left who value freedom enough, who believe in self determination and uniqueness of every-man , who love liberty enough, to mount a counter revolution?


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