Clallam County okays 2001 Budget

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

PORT ANGELES -- Two new Sheriff's deputies and a land-use lawyer officially joined a plethora of line items as Clallam County commissioners adopted their $77.7 million fiscal year 2001 budget on Tuesday.

The last regular session for the year also included the appointment of a Forks judge candidate screening committee. Additionally, commissioners set a cell tower public hearing date.

The much-debated county spending plan followed three public forums and one emotionally charged day-long public hearing.

The budget includes a current expense fund of $24.34 million -- up 7.2 percent from the fiscal year 2000 budget.

The overall budget of $77.7 million represents an increase of 8.1 percent over last year.

This year's budget was adopted later than usual as commissioners gauged the potential effects of Initiative 722.

The initiative, approved by voters in November, calls for the return tax and fee increases levied between July and December of 1999. In Clallam County, that means $86,000 in taxes and $197,700 in permit fees would have to be returned.

The decision to return the money remains in limbo as commissioners wait for a ruling in the lawsuit challenging the initiative.

from the Peninsula Daily News.
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