CLALLAM: County stays with I-722 lawsuit
Wednesday, January 03, 2001

PORT ANGELES -- Despite strong public support, freshman Clallam County Commissioner Mike Chapman was unable to persuade his colleagues Tuesday to reverse their decision to join a class-action lawsuit opposing Initiative 722.

Fifteen speakers lined up to support Chapman's effort to rescind the decision which put Democratic commissioners Steve Tharinger and Mike Doherty at odds with the majority of county voters. More than 40 people turned out for the meeting. 

Initiative 722, approved by more than 56 percent of voters statewide in November, rolls back certain tax and fee increases levied between July and December of 1999. In Clallam County 59.4 percent of voters supported the initiative.
Implementation of I-722 has been delayed pending a court challenge to its constitutionality.

Last month, a Thurston County judge declared the challenge a class action, allowing counties statewide to join the lawsuit prior to Jan. 5. Tharinger and Doherty voted in December to have Clallam County join the lawsuit as a means of protecting the county from possible lawsuits associated with the initiative.

from the Peninsula Daily News.
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